Overview of all bus models

NEOPLAN Skyliner


The Skyliner generation sets new standards. Passengers enjoy pure luxury over two floors, while bus operators benefit from powerful efficiency.

Skyliner − the reincarnation of a classic

NEOPLAN Cityliner


In the Cityliner, passengers are spoilt with a sophisticated and all-round feel-good concept. This luxury limousine even offers first-class comfort for discerning passengers. The Cityliner is a perfect host in every situation.

Cityliner − your travel guide with image

NEOPLAN Jetliner


The Jetliner is not “either or” but “both and”. The new entry-level model in the NEOPLAN VIP class combines the premium comfort offered by exclusive coaches with the qualities of an economic intercity, scheduled-service bus.

Jetliner − the jet among the combi-buses

NEOPLAN Tourliner


The new Tourliner convinces from the first moment. Not only does it boast extremely high levels of passenger comfort and sophisticated design both inside and out, it is also equipped with the latest technology and a new intelligent approach to fuel-economy and safety - a true member of the NEOPLAN family.

Tourliner − the best in its class