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We want to overcome boundaries and make our technologically leading products even better. This is the only way to make tomorrow's mobility greener, safer and more efficient. That's why we need you: Do you want to work with us on ideas that inspire?

Find the right job at the right location

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We are at home in the world and work locally in more than 120 countries. Discover our locations in Germany, Spain, Hungary, Switzerland or the UK. Each location has its own benefits and special features - find out more here.

MAN TRUCK & BUS SE Headquarters

The central career site of MAN Truck & Bus offers jobs at the headquarters in Germany, but also covers the Austrian sales company - the range of vacancies is correspondingly large. These include apprenticeships (for example as a vehicle mechatronics technician or warehouse logistics specialist), internships, offers for dual studies and jobs for specialists and managers. Find your job at MAN Truck & Bus SE.



We are looking for sales and service experts for MAN's German sales company - from motor vehicle mechatronics technicians to warehouse logistics specialists and sales representatives. We also offer apprenticeships at more than 140 locations across Germany. In addition, there are trainee positions for further training to become a certified automotive salesperson. Find your job at MAN Truck & Bus Germany.


MAN Truck & Bus Iberia regularly advertises jobs at more than 50 MAN service points. Whether you are a mechanic, salesperson or prefer to work in the back office: find your job at MAN Truck & Bus Iberia.


MAN Truck & Bus Hungary has five locations of its own where vacancies are regularly filled - for example in the sales of new and used vehicles, in the maintenance area and in parts sales and service. Find your job at MAN Truck & Bus Hungary.


MAN Truck & Bus Switzerland is constantly on the lookout for talented and experienced managers. The company also offers apprenticeships for vehicle mechatronics technicians and warehouse logistics specialists. Find your job at MAN Truck & Bus Switzerland.


MAN Truck & Bus UK prides itself on its motivated team and its clear customer focus. The company regularly advertises vacancies in the areas of engineering, sales, aftersales and service, as well as business support. In addition, there are many apprenticeships. Find your job at MAN Truck & Bus UK.

These are the benefits for our employees

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We are firmly convinced that satisfied and committed employees are the basis for our company's success. And that deserves appreciation! Find out everything about the conditions that await you as part of our company.

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Variable compensation

Performance should pay off. Those who bear responsibility at MAN share in the company's success through variable remuneration. This variable salary component depends on the one hand on the success of the company and on the other hand on individual performance, the performance of teams or the performance of all employees. It can therefore be influenced individually and jointly. This motivates and gives a good feeling.

Special offers

There's more in it for everyone: In addition to the company pension scheme, as a MAN employee you receive holiday, Christmas and relocation allowances, for example. In addition, there are benefits in areas such as finance, culture, travel and technology. All MAN employees who are resident in Germany can take advantage of the leasing benefits (Volkswagen AG's plant employee business) - an offer that also applies to former employees. In addition, MAN employees receive "job tickets" for local public transport.

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Health protection and health promotion 

MAN cares about the health of its employees. We offer numerous services through our health service, such as occupational medical check-ups, physiotherapy, health weeks on various topics, fitness and non-smoking courses and vaccination and travel advice. Acute illnesses or injuries can be treated in our in-house outpatient clinics; together with the fire brigade, we provide emergency medical care.

Equal opportunities and family 

Having children, being there for your family and “standing your ground” in the job – at MAN we have created optimum framework conditions and offer, for example, childcare facilities, information events for expectant parents, seminars on returning to work after parental leave, home office options and emergency care. Furthermore, MAN is committed to equal opportunities for women, men and non-binary persons worldwide. We know that the best results can be achieved in balanced team constellations. That is why we counteract the mostly female shortage of skilled workers with individual development programmes.

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This is how we work at MAN

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We want to create a motivating and diverse culture and work environment - and thus advance the "Team" today and tomorrow. In our teams, respect and appreciation are at the top of the list. Here you can find out what this means in practice.

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