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MAN represents progress; our innovative products make us unique. We are seeking prospective doctoral students who would like to help shape our company as part of their research work to enable us to continually improve and always be one step ahead of the future.  

As a doctoral candidate at MAN you have the opportunity to investigate technical and strategic issues relevant to the company. We will apply your findings directly in current projects. We offer you an interdisciplinary and uniform framework for networking, further development and mutual exchange. Our information days for doctoral candidates also give you the opportunity to make valuable contacts, not just within your higher education institution, but also at MAN, within the VW Group and industry-wide. 


Support and guidance from the MAN subject and doctoral supervisors at the university, subject-specific advanced training, networks for doctoral candidates 


Ensuring the innovative strength and future viability of our products by networking industry and academia 


Exchanging views with other MAN doctoral candidates from different disciplines, establishing a network at MAN, within the VW Group and industry-wide 


Attracting early career staff with scientific research expertise and above-average performance orientation 

Personal insights into the program

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What exactly does MAN's Doctoral Programme look like? What is the advantage of an industrial doctorate? Our doctoral students and supervisors deal with these and other questions on a daily basis. Discover exciting interviews and stories and gain a personal insight into the programme.


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Are you interested in our programme for doctoral candidates and want to learn more about it? We have created a summary for you that contains the main questions and answers on application, employment and acceptance. 

  • What are the advantages of a doctorate at MAN Truck & Bus SE?

    The advantages of our doctoral programme are extremely varied. With us, you not only have the opportunity to conduct theoretical research on future topics, you can also actively shape them in an application- and practice-oriented way, from development to our end customers, and gain industry experience at an early stage. In addition, our doctoral programme offers you countless opportunities to network across the entire VW Group and to develop both professionally and personally.

  • What are my career prospects after the MAN doctoral programme?

    Once you have successfully completed your doctorate, you can apply for our internally advertised positions. Our doctoral students therefore have a very good chance of being taken on.

  • How long does the MAN doctoral programme last?

    The duration of the MAN doctoral programme depends on the individual duration of the associated research project. As a rule, this is 3 years.


  • What remuneration can I expect for a doctorate?

    During their studies, doctoral students are employed by their universities. This means that they are remunerated as public sector employees according to the remuneration group applicable for the respective federal state.

  • What does the supervision at MAN look like during the programme?

    Each doctoral student is supported by a department supervisor (mentor) in their department. A current doctoral student who already has experience in the programme will support you as a buddy. In terms of talent development, you will work closely with the doctoral supervision team. Questions on general HR topics will be answered by the relevant Business Partner.

  • In which areas is it possible to pursue a doctorate?

    In principle, a doctorate / project work is possible in every department. It depends on future topics in the respective areas that are to be developed through a doctorate.

  • What form does the work placement take during the programme? (What exactly do the doctoral students do at MAN?)

    Our doctoral students work on their research topics during the work placement. In addition to the actual research work, there is also the opportunity to present their own research work to the Executive Board at events such as the annual doctoral students’ colloquium and to exchange ideas among specialists. Networking events such as regular fireside evenings are also part of the doctoral student programme and offer the opportunity for Group-wide networking.

  • How does the application process work?

    Interested students can find out about vacant doctoral positions via our careers page and also via online job portals. The corresponding positions are also always advertised at the respective partner university. You can therefore apply directly via MAN and/or the universities. Interviews or meet-and-greet appointments will then take place at the company with the department, the chair and HR.

  • Who can I contact if I have further questions?

    The coordinator of the doctoral programme at MAN Truck & Bus SE, Isabel Mothes-Weiß, will be happy to answer any further questions you may have. You can also contact the departments directly. Their details are included in the job advertisements. The partner university is also available to answer questions.

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