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In this interview, Aslihan Keskin describes her reasons for taking up a dual study program at MAN and reveals what she particularly likes about it.


Aslihan Keskin

is a fourth-semester dual student at MAN. She now works in plant controlling in Munich, among other things.

Dear Aslihan, why did you want to study dual?

After my training as a bank clerk, I had the confirmation that economic topics are exactly my thing. But my hunger for knowledge was far from satisfied, so I looked for opportunities to further my education. I found the combination of "participating in working life" and "learning something new at school" so multifaceted and fulfilling that I wanted to experience exactly that again. That's why I'm now studying business administration at MAN.

How did you come to MAN in the first place?

I really wanted to become part of a large, international corporation. I was already familiar with MAN, and I inquired about the company online. I found the Instagram presence very appealing. Once I got to the website, MAN fascinated me with its many talent programs and very many visions for the future. When I then read that you can study business administration here on a dual basis, one thing led to another and today I'm here.

What are you doing at MAN right now?

I'm studying for a degree with in-depth practical experience, so I'm at university during lecture times and as soon as my exams are over, I work at MAN during the semester break. Here I started directly in plant controlling. My primary tasks include analyzing plant results and preparing variance analyses for the plant in Munich.

What are you most proud of?

Here's to the decision to do a dual study program and to have come so far! I can put the knowledge from university directly into practice and learn many new things every day. My network in working life is also growing, which makes me very happy.

Why do you like working at MAN?

I can always count on the support of MAN and my fellow students! Regardless of whether it's about university or work. I can also freely develop and try out my project ideas. I feel very well prepared for working life and am looking forward to the next few years here at MAN.

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