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Portrait Lukas Biergans

"The great network is gold."

You have to be motivated and want to gain practical experience in an international group in addition to theoretical knowledge. Then you've come to the right place! We offer many different internships and positions for final theses in all departments. Here you can gain insights into areas and tasks and prepare yourself for your future career.


Lukas Biergans

works as a trainee alumni in production planning. He joined MAN via the Global Champion trainee program.

works as a trainee alumni in production planning. He joined MAN via the Global Champion trainee program.

During my studies, I invested a lot of time and commitment in university groups and as a research assistant in the university environment - so I rarely had the opportunity for industrial experience. In order to catch up on this experience as quickly as possible after my master's degree, it was clear to me that I wanted to complete a trainee program that would allow me to get to know a company from different perspectives in a short period of time. In addition to the trainee program I was looking for, MAN also offers products that I was immediately enthusiastic about. In addition, the transportation sector, which is currently undergoing major change, promises many exciting challenges! In the production trainee position advertised for "production-oriented product design", I was also able to find exactly what I was looking for with my areas of specialization from my studies. In the end, the positive gut feeling I had when getting to know the mentor, department and trainee support team at the assessment center made me decide to join the trainee program at MAN.

What do you particularly appreciate about the trainee program?

With its departmental rotations, mentoring and talent management, and additional modules such as the fireside evenings with the Executive Board members, the MAN trainee program offers insights that are only available to a few people. One event I will remember for a long time, for example, was being present at the official launch of the new truck generation at the Truck Forum and being one of the first to sit in the new truck. What's also special about the MAN trainee program is that every year several trainees start in different departments at the same time. Onboarding and the joint trainee projects develop a strong sense of community and the network that is created, which also extends into the alumni generations, is worth its weight in gold.

What happened next for you after the trainee program?

The motto of production-oriented product design ran like a thread through the rotation planning that was worked out with my mentor. After I had assignments in various interfaces of production planning during the trainee program, such as development, plant controlling, but also human resources and strategy, I have now found a job back in my home area of production planning. As a project coordinator in the pre-production truck series, I help to represent the interests of production in the early phase of the product development process and to plan and implement the industrialization of future truck generations. Currently, we are building the prototypes for the next major model years and securing them in terms of production technology. Working on projects and processes in this environment is really exciting and I can already say that I'm benefiting from the experience and network of the trainee program!

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