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Compliance and Integrity

Compliance and Integrity are fundamental components of the MAN strategy and must be practised equally at all Group levels and by all employees, in other words at board level, by managers and by every individual employee. This firstly involves compliance with legal requirements and internal company guidelines, rules and standards. And secondly, integrity is one of the five corporate values that forms the basis for an open corporate culture.

The focus here is on awareness and understanding of sustainable dealings and acting with integrity in every situation in our working life. The basis is provided by our Code of Conduct as a set of rules for all employees at MAN. The MAN Governance, Risk & Compliance Organisation (GRC) assists employees with various measures to ensure that Compliance and Integrity are practised and implemented throughout the Group. Every employee is responsible to comply with internal and external rules and laws. And this responsibility does not end in the workplace. MAN also sets expectations for itself and in relation to its business partners in terms of compliance with social responsibility, just as the company is aware of its responsibility to society. This includes for example the statement on the UK Modern Slavery Act, where MAN explicitly refers to measures to ensure compliance with human rights within and outside the company.

The MAN Compliance Programme

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Compliance and Integrity are relevant in all our corporate divisions. For this reason, the MAN Compliance Programme was defined. It forms the basis for the company’s entire set of ethical and moral values.


The MAN Compliance Programme promotes a culture of integrity and transparency. Numerous communication measures and training activities increase employee awareness of compliance and aspects of integrity and thus prevent compliance violations. 


Compliance violations can nonetheless occur despite preventive measures. Various reporting channels and monitoring systems are used to identify violations, which are then carefully and confidentially investigated. 


Compliance violations are not tolerated at MAN. Violations that are disclosed are promptly and efficiently remedied. Any necessary actions are initiated without delay.

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The topics covered by the compliance organisation

The compliance organisation at MAN has initiated various measures to firmly embed the topics of Compliance and Integrity in the company on a long-term basis.

Guidelines: Various internal guidelines on the compliance-related fields of anti-corruption, antitrust law and the prevention of money laundering explain, among other things, how to deal with business partners, gifts and invitations or conflicts of interest, etc. These guidelines put into effect uniform and binding requirements for all employees throughout the Group.

Training sessions / communication: MAN has implemented an extensive compliance training programme on the aspects of anti-corruption, antitrust law, the prevention of money laundering and the Code of Conduct, which is rolled out at all locations worldwide. Compliance, integrity and a culture of constructive criticism are repeatedly addressed in various communication channels like newsletters, staff magazines and on the intranet.

Contact point: The MAN Compliance Officers are available as contact points for all employees worldwide. MAN has also introduced a network of Compliance Champions in the individual companies, who serve as an additional link between the compliance organisation and our employees. Employees can ultimately also contact the MAN Helpdesk with any questions or issues concerning compliance.

Embedded in the company

Integrity and compliance are firmly embedded at every level in the company. Aspects of integrity and compliance are therefore included when selecting managers and are reviewed as a basis in all board decisions. A sustainable compliance programme requires continuous review of its efficiency and effectiveness. This occurs on a regular basis by means of internal compliance reporting and a review of any compliance violations that may occur. The latter are investigated by the Internal Investigation Office and consequences are initiated as necessary.

GRC is involved in M&A projects from the start. This means that GRC has stipulated specific requirements regarding due diligence of the companies concerned to ensure early detection of any compliance risks.

Memberships in external organisations

MAN is also actively involved in ensuring compliance even beyond its own Group boundaries. GRC regularly exchanges views on current compliance topics with experts from the business and scientific communities.

MAN supports and promotes together with TRATON the campaign against corruption and represents this position together with other business entities in the following organisations:

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Code of Conduct

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Our Code of Conduct acts as a guideline for the board, managers, employees and business partners in terms of acting with integrity. In addition to laws, the Code of Conduct contains a collection of internal company guidelines and regulations for everyday work.

The MAN Code of Conduct

The MAN Code of Conduct applies equally to board members, managers and every individual employee. Together with the corporate values of team spirit, determination, customer focus, respect and integrity it forms the centrepiece of the corporate culture at MAN. The Code of Conduct is aimed specifically at MAN employees and provides specific and binding principles for situations in which employees must pay particular attention to responsible behaviour. It gives examples that describe how to deal with conflict situations in everyday business.


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MAN Code of Conduct for suppliers and business partners

MAN expects that its suppliers and business partners will also act in a responsible manner and comply with applicable laws and respect fundamental ethical values at all times and in all places.

MAN has therefore issued its own Code of Conduct for suppliers and business partners. This contains minimum ethical standards with which MAN suppliers and business partners agree to comply.

Compliance and Integrity

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