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Integrity and lawful conduct are given the highest priority at MAN. It is crucial that any regulatory violations be internally detected, clarified and remedied at an early stage to assure these values and to avoid or minimise possible risks due to breaches of rules.

Each and every employee bears responsibility for protecting our company against legal infringements and their negative consequences.

Nadine Mayer
Head of TRATON Investigation Office

There are various channels at MAN that are available for employees, business partners, customers and other third parties to submit tip-offs regarding potential regulatory violations at any time and in any language. The TRATON investigation office receives all such tip-offs regarding potential regulatory violations at MAN. Together with MAN Corporate Audit or any other appropriate body within the MAN organisation, the TRATON investigation office ensures that whistleblowing is comprehensively and adequately investigated.

The whistleblower system ensures the greatest possible protection for whistleblowers and those affected. An investigation will only be initiated after careful examination of the tip-off and if there are clear indications of a violation of the rules. These investigations are conducted under the highest level of confidentiality. The information is processed in a fair, careful and sensitive process.

"Each and every employee bears responsibility for protecting our company against legal infringements and their negative consequences. Our responsibility is to protect both whistleblowers and those affected by the confidential processing of tip-offs while respecting the presumption of innocence", says Nadine Mayer, head of TRATON Investigation Office.

Find more information on the Rules of Procedure for the TRATON GROUP Complaints Procedure here. In addition to this, MAN has published a policy statement on human rights, describing the expectations on the organization and suppliers to protect and respect human rights.

Information on data protection and the rights to which you are entitled can be found here.


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Should you have specific tip-offs regarding any infringements of rights or rules in relation to the MAN Group, you can use our whistleblower system under the following contact options.

  • TRATON online whistleblower portal Speak up!

    Our online whistleblower portal Speak Up! is permanently available to employees and external parties worldwide to submit tip-offs in 12 languages regarding serious regulatory violations in the area of white-collar crime, for example in relation to corruption, antitrust law or data protection issues or with regard to a violation of human rights.

    Important information: a notification can also be made in any other language if your preferred language is not listed. You can also contact the TRATON investigation office in all languages via e-mail or post.

    Speak Up! is accessible from any internet-enabled PC at the online address

    Whistleblowers can register on Speak Up! using their real name or anonymously via a pseudonym of their choice and are then directed to the highly secure portal, where they can submit their tip-off and upload files relating to the case as necessary. The TRATON investigation office reviews and processes each tip-off and can use the Speak Up! portal to make contact with the whistleblower again in the event of possible queries.

    > Speak up! Whistleblower portal

  • Submitting tip-offs by post or via e-mail

    You can ultimately also submit tip-offs about potential regulatory violations to the TRATON investigation office by post and via e-mail:

    Postal address

    TRATON Investigation Office
    Hanauer Straße 26
    80992 München

  • 24/7 whistleblower (phone) hotline

    Potential regulatory violations can furthermore be reported by phone via the Volkswagen AG whistleblower hotline. This hotline is permanently available and accepts tip-offs – by request also anonymously – concerning all brands within the Volkswagen Group. All tip-offs relating to MAN that are received via this hotline are forwarded directly to the TRATON investigation office.

    Use these numbers to call the whistleblower hotline:

    + 800 444 46300* (international Freephone number)

    + 49 5361 946300 (chargeable number if your local telephone provider does not support the free service)

    * Not all telephone providers support the free international hotline in some countries. In such cases please use the chargeable phone number or the country-specific phone number.

    CountryFreephone numberLocal phone number



    Slovak Republic


    South Africa











    0800 444 46300









  • Ombudspersons in the Volkswagen Group

    Information on the ombudspersons in the Volkswagen Group can be found here.

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