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Steering Brake

Brake pressure in the brakes on the inside rear wheels is controlled above a defined steering input in vehicles with EBS5 and twin-axle units depending on the steering angle and speed. The vehicle is so to speak pivoted around the braked wheel group. This substantially reduces the bend radius on loose surfaces. The steering brake must be activated manually by the driver at the touch of a button. It is also known under the names "tractor brake" and "tank brake". This infographic "How a steering brake works" provides a clear explanation of the technology. A steering brake was installed 1666 times in MAN trucks in 2018. It is optionally used in TGS and TGX vehicles with a 6 x 4 wheel formula and is available exclusively at MAN.

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Better manoeuvrability A steering brake is used in vehicles with EBS5 and twin-axle units.