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Battery electric vehicle (BEV)

Glossar Batterie-elektrischer Antrieb BEV
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Battery-electric drive BEV A – balancing gearbox (differential), AW – drive shaft (cardan shaft) mechanical, EM – electric motor, ES – energy storage, LE power electronics

In addition to battery electric vehicles, there are other electric vehicles, such as fuel cell vehicles (FCEV), plug-in hybrids (PHEV) or even trolleybuses and trams. These differ in their method of energy storage or energy generation.

Battery electric vehicles (BEVs) are cars, buses, trucks and other vehicles that are powered exclusively by an electric drive and do not require fossil fuels. This involves the electric drive consuming energy from a battery installed in the vehicle.

The battery in BEVs generally acts as an accumulator and can be charged at charging stations. This simply requires the vehicle to be connected to the charging station, just like with a mobile phone or any other electrical device with a built-in battery. Recuperation enables additional energy to be stored in the battery during operation.

An extensive electric vehicle range

The range of battery electric vehicles at MAN Truck & Bus extends from the electrically powered eTGE van, the Lion´s City E electric urban bus to the electric eTGM truck.