MAN Truck & Bus


There is nothing that truck drivers appreciate more than automatic speed reduction using the Tempomat cruise control on a level surface – other than being able to restrain a downhill load: the fact that the Bremsomat brake control enables strict adherence to the preset top speed (for instance 89 km/h on the motorway) without having to worry about points on your driver's licence is a universally appreciated convenience and safety feature. Our MAN BrakeMatic electronic brake management makes this possible: the desired speed, preset in the Bremsomat brake control or reduced via the brake pedal depending on the situation, is maintained as far as physically possible. In other words: use of the service brakes is reduced to a minimum. In many cases the efficient MAN engine brakes are sufficient for this (EVB, EVBec or Turbo EVBec), depending on the equipment a powerful retarder (PriTarder or Intarder) is added.  

Exact coordination

MAN BrakeMatic generally synchronises the functions of the service brakes (MAN EBS with ABS and ASR), the continuous service brakes and the optional retarders, yet it also achieves even more: prior application of the engine brake before the service brakes plus wear harmonisation and forecasting are further functions.