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Electromagnetic induction

Glossar Drehspannung durch elektromagnetische Induktion
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Rotational voltage by electromagnetic induction 1 – magnet, 2 – rotor with three windings (each shifted 120° to each other), α – rotation angle of the rotor, U – voltage

Electromagnetic induction, also known as Faraday induction, refers to the emergence of an electric field given an alteration in magnetic flux. This alteration can for instance be caused by movement of the magnetic field, the addition of an “interference factor” or also a change in the strength of the magnetic field. 

It forms the basis behind how the electric drive functions in an electric vehicle, and thus ensures that the vehicle is even capable of driving. A magnetic field in the drive is generated by a rotating metal coil that uses a current from the energy storage unit. This converts electrical power into mechanical power and ensures that the motor is set in motion.  


Induction in your home

This principle can also be found in kitchens: in an induction hob. These cooking zones contain coils of copper wire that generate a rapidly changing electromagnetic field when switched on. If a pot with similar conductive wires in its base is placed onto it, the magnetic field in the bottom of the pot causes an electrical voltage and this in turn causes an induction current. The electrical resistance of the wires in the pot base then results in this electrical energy being converted into heat and the pot’s contents being heated up very quickly.