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Off-road ABS

Grafik ABS
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Mode of operation of the off-road ABS A) direction of travel B) chock C) breaking force.

So-called off-road ABS can be used on trucks with EBS5 that are approved as off-road vehicles. As opposed to "normal" anti-lock braking system, off-road ABS permits wheel slip between 40 and 15 kilometres per hour by briefly blocking the wheels. Below 15 kilometres per hour (speed limits are programmable) the ABS function is even completely disabled and the wheels are permanently blocked. The advantage of this mode: when braking on loose surfaces (e.g. ballast or gravel) the blocking wheels push surface material in front of them, thus forming a chock. In many driving situations this chock can achieve a higher braking effect than wheels that can barely exert any braking force due to low traction caused by constant ABS action. The off-road ABS must be activated manually by the driver at the touch of a button. It is not permissible to use this special ABS operating mode on public roads.