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In the MAN Truck & Bus Group, the MAN Munich plant is the parent plant and the location of the head office. The Munich plant produces trucks in the heavy series with a permissible gross vehicle weight of 18 to 41 tons. Munich furthermore produces cabs and driven axles, transfer cases and drive shafts for the entire plant network.

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With over 900 employees, truck assembly produces trucks in the TGS series for heavy-duty, building site traffic and short-haul transport along with the TGX for national and international long-haul transport. An extremely wide range of products arises from the numerous possible combinations of axle and cab components and the chassis or semitrailer tractor model versions.

About 800 employees in the axle production produce rear axles, driven front axles, drive shafts and transfer cases. In 2014 over 93,000 axles were produced.

The cab division with over 900 employees makes equipped cabs in the heavy series for TGX and TGS vehicles and supplies bodyshell components to the production network. Around 44,000 cabs were produced in 2014.

The MAN plant logistics covers the entire processes for receipt of goods, through provision of materials on the assembly line as well as the dispatch of vehicles or components. They are planned and implemented in accordance with the MAN principles of logistics and the optimum in time, costs and quality. Over 600 employees administer 16,000 active item numbers and manage 30,000 stock movements every day.

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Former Allach aircraft engine plant acquired by MAN from BMW

Truck, bus and tractor production commences

30,000th truck manufactured

Bus production moved to Penzberg

New F90 product range introduced

New F2000 product range introduced

New Trucknology Generation A (TGA) product range introduced

New MAN TGX and TGS product range introduced

TGX und TGS series equipped to meet Euro 6 emission standard

60 years of plant Munich

The Munich plant receives the “Factory of the Year Award” for its outstanding production network


  • MAN Munich plant undergoes modifications in readiness for new gradient at Test Track 2

    At the MAN plant in Karlsfeld, Munich, modifications have been scheduled for Test Track 2 to prepare the construction site for the new gradient feature. Soon engineers from Vehicle Validation will be able to charge and trial electric vehicles here in addition to analysing the behaviour of trucks and buses on gradients.

    MAN Truck & Bus has operated a test track for its own products for many years. Located 1 km from the plant in Karlsfeld, Munich, this track is known as Test Track 2 to distinguish it from the test track in the plant itself. In addition to trialling conventional truck and bus models, Vehicle Validation engineers can charge and test electric vehicles on Test Track 2.

    To ensure the track continues to meet product testing standards of the future, it will be expanded to include a further gradient. Scheduled for realisation from mid-2019, the new feature has become essential since the hill for gradient tests at the plant test track – Track 1 – had to make way for construction of the new Vehicle Validation premises A60. After completion of the modifications at Test Track 2, engineers will once again be able to make use of an in-house solution, reducing the need to use external test tracks for their trials.

    Once the new hill is completed, in-depth emissions testing and approval procedures will be conducted to allow the number of test and demonstration operations to be increased. Construction is due to begin in mid-2019. 


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