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Salzgitter plant

Dr. Peter Meyer, Site Manager at the MAN site in Salzgitter

Dr. Peter Meyer, Site Manager

"A culture of quality we put into practice is what distinguishes the Salzgitter plant. This is the added value we have been assuring for our customers for decades, regardless of whether this is for our end products, such as units and components or for our international logistics flows. We are using innovative capacity and imagination to continue to develop these principles just as consistently as we unlock the potential of our employees, which makes us a top employer in the region.

Aerial view of the MAN Truck & Bus plant in Salzgitter

MAN Truck & Bus AG is currently converting the Salzgitter site, with a works area of over 1.1. million m², to a component plant and international parts supplier. The Salzgitter plant supplies the entire production network with central components ranging from crankshafts to non-driven axles, right through to special pipes. Furthermore, in the future all non-driven axles for Scania will be produced at Salzgitter. In addition, a separate bus chassis assembly line will be installed by the end of 2017. Going forward, every continent in the world will be supplied with CKD kits from Salzgitter.

There is a logistics area of roughly 436,000 m² available within the site for the acceptance, storage and dispatch of MAN genuine spare parts.

Overview of products

Non-driven front axles

The Salzgitter plant is the exclusive supplier of non-driven axles in the MAN Truck & Bus AG production network. The product range comprises front axles, leading and trailing axles, independent suspension units and HydroDrive axles (driven) with axle loads from three to nine tons.

Axle equipment includes ABS, automatic brake pad adjustment, electric wear indicator and angle of rotation sensors, optionally with disc or hub brakes.

In the future, the Salzgitter plant will assemble the non-driven axles for all heavy SCANIA and MAN trucks.

Crankshafts for engine production

Manufacturing facilities in Salzgitter include two crankshaft production lines for engines belonging to the D08, D20, D26 and D28 series. With displacements ranging from 4.6 to 12.8 liters, these offer outputs of between 100 and 540 HP (74 - 397 kW) and are available in either diesel or natural gas versions. The various types of crankshafts are between 579 and 1.088 mm long. Forged blanks are machined using advanced CBN grinding technology, the end products being supplied to the Nuremberg Plant for use in engine production.

Gearbox reprocessing

The marketing of green products through the industrial reprocessing of gearboxes and gearbox-like products is part and parcel of the consistent orientation towards the plant becoming a "green factory".


The industrial production of pipes with diameters of 10 mm to 110 mm for use with hydraulics, pneumatics, coolant, charge air and exhaust gas is the core of non-cutting production.

The product range is supplemented with welding configurations such as e.g. bearing axles, assembly carriers and spars.

The latest technology, such as bending robots, camera-based metrology and welding robots, is used by experienced and qualified employees in order to produce sophisticated products efficiently.

Bus chassis

The product range of bus chassis from Salzgitter extends from midi through city and intercity right up to coach chassis of the premium class.

MAN diesel and natural gas engines compliant with the Euro 3 to Euro 6 exhaust-gas standards operate in these vehicles. Different chassis with rigid axles or independent suspension as well as rear axles of the luxury coach generation are available for all vehicle operations.

The body-friendly, modular design of the vehicles allows efficient and high-quality processing to the delight of customers and passengers throughout the world.

CKD line production at the Salzgitter plant

The Salzgitter site sends heavy truck and bus chassis to customers around the world in dismantled CKD kits. The units are packaged on 6 production lines, put into containers and shipped by sea. The range available currently covers a total of 30 different CKD vehicle types. The operations of the 18 customer plants around the world are single handedly looked after by customer care in Salzgitter according to the "one face to the customer" principle.

Spare parts management

The Logistics Centre in Salzgitter will be the sole international spare parts supplier for MAN Truck & Bus AG in the future. Since the completion of an additional 60,000 m² during the third stage of construction in February 2017, the product range at the site has been continually expanding thanks to the daily acceptance and collection of spare parts from Dachau and Steyr. Across a total floor space of 177,000 m², an optimum range of spare parts, intelligent logistics solutions, motivated and qualified employees and high parts availability are coming together to guarantee that orders are processed on schedule. The Spare Parts Management Business Unit guarantees spare parts availability for up to 35 years for each the over 900 different types of trucks and buses. The range of parts includes 327,000 orderable items, 186,000 of which are in stock, with a warehouse inventory valued at EUR 110,000. Approximately 16,000 items are picked, packed and shipped in the Logistics Centre on a daily basis. In addition to the huge significance, Salzgitter's new role as the sole central warehouse will come with a great level of responsibility.

Spare parts management

The MAN enterprise values will provide the framework on which to carry this responsibility. There will be a particular focus on customer orientation.

All parts which come from the field organisation back to MAN Truck & Bus AG are processed in the return logistics area. There are three types of parts each with their associated processes (defective parts from warranty processing, old parts for reprocessing and marketing under the "ecoline" label, new parts from excess stock in the workshops), which see about 60,000 items per month in total and send them either for further use or for secure disposal.

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