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Steyr plant

Dipl. Chem. Ing. Thomas Müller, Dipl. Bw. Thomas Röttgen, DDr. Karl-Heinz Rauscher, Management board (LTR)

Dipl. Chem. Ing. Thomas Müller, Dipl. Bw. Thomas Röttgen, DDr. Karl-Heinz Rauscher; Management board (LTR)

"In Steyr, the development and production of commercial vehicles has a tradition going back around a century. Today we manufacture all the light and medium MAN trucks as well as special vehicles and cabs for the MAN production network. Further important milestones for the future of the plant have been set with the start of painting of plastic parts and the building of trucks with electric motors. Our philosophy is: Light range. Medium range. Strong competence. – We build every vehicle!"

MAN Truck & Bus plant in Steyr

The Steyr plant is part of the MAN Truck & Bus AG.

The very latest organisational and logistics methods are applied to the manufacture of the entire light and medium truck series of MAN. Furthermore Steyr produces special vehicles and cabs for MAN's production network.

The Steyr plant also carries out research and development across all series and components, embedded in MAN's development network and always with the aim of making vehicles more efficient, more reliable, safer, more eco-friendly and more comfortable.
The Pre-Series Center is a hub where the requirements of the process owners in the areas of planning, development and quality assurance are harmonised and optimised in relation to one another. That’s how the manufacturability of products is being assured.

In MTBÖ's wholly-owned subsidiary plant in Banovce in the Slovak Republic they manufacture components range from single parts ready for installation to welded assemblies and attachments ready for installation to sub-assemblies.

Overview of products


By the end of 2018 9 prototypes based on the TGM series with electric-power built at the Steyr plant will be handed over to renowned Austrian companies which operate across Europe. These partners will test the vehicles in daily use.

Truck production at the MAN Truck & Bus plant in Steyr

The light and medium truck series

The very latest organisational and logistics methods are applied to the manufacture of the entire light and medium truck series (two or three axles in 4x2, 6x2, 4x4 or 6x4 configuration, 110 to 250 kW / 150 to 340 hp engines, 7.5 to 26 tonnes gross weight) at the MAN works in Steyr. Throughput time per truck - from start of assembly to shipping to sales - is about one day. The new TGL and TGM trucks operate not only virtually emission-free, but fuel consumption with Euro VI is at the same, very good level of MAN trucks with Euro V.

Production of parts for the TGL truck series


The distribution professional gives a convincing demonstration of high versatility and efficiency. Dynamic, agile and economical, the TGL stands for professionalism and productivity in the 7.5- to 12-tonne class. With its big payload and dynamic handling, this is the champion in classic distribution transport where goods have to be moved along narrow streets into the heart of the city.

Production of parts for the TGM truck series


Weighing in at 12 through 26 tonnes, the TGM sets standards for payload and dynamic performance. As the specialist for short-haul and light-duty long-haul transport, it handles just about any transport task with great reliability and is also operated especially as a construction, municipal or fire-fighting vehicle. Powerful common-rail engines produce the best figures for consumption and emissions.

Cab manufacture in Steyr

Driver's cab for all series

Steyr produces cabs for all the series (light, medium and heavy trucks as well as special vehicles and crew cabs) manufactured by MAN's production network, comprising truck production in Steyr and deliveries to the plants in Vienna, Krakow / Poland, Munich and St. Petersburg/ Russia. Cab manufacture extends from the production of modular cabs-in-white-components including priming to complete cabs-in-white with subsequent painting and interior equipment. The cabs are then delivered to the vehicle assembly lines, ready to be fitted on.

Cleaning a driver´s cab

A cab…

…has around 2,900 welding points, 52 soldered joints and 27 metres of adhesive joints. …can be painted in any one of 1,700 different colours and requires around seven kilograms of paint. …of the Premium class is equipped with a refrigerator, two comfortable bunks, a Telematics communications system, auxiliary air-conditioning and heating systems. …is equipped with state of the art automatic driving assistance systems. There are high-roof variants with headroom of up to 2.1 m inside. …weighs approximately 1,100 kg when fully equipped.

Truck Modification Centre

Truck Modification Centre

The TMC caters for special customer requirements not covered by the standard range. The motto is very much "nothing is impossible" – whether it be a special wheel configuration or a number of axles not offered as standard. One of the prerequisites for delivering these complex special requirements to deadline and with the quality people expect from MAN is to make sure everything comes together seamlessly in terms of purchasing, design, testing, production and documentation – and staff at the Steyr site have exactly the skill sets required.

Paintwork for plastic parts

Paintwork for plastic parts

The new paintwork facility for plastic parts at the plant in Steyr will give it a new USP within MAN’s production network. From 2019 on, it will supply all production plants in the MAN network with all exterior cab parts that need painting, such as front panels, roofs and Aero packages.

Plant information

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