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People in the forefront: With this in mind, we at MAN are taking responsibility for society, the environment and our products. This responsibility also includes ensuring that MAN complies with applicable laws at all times and in all places, respects basic ethical values and acts sustainably. The transport of people and goods is undergoing fundamental changes. It is our task to shape this change in a responsible manner.

Corporate Responsibility

For MAN, future sustainability means understanding global challenges and recognizing the opportunities and risks for sustainable development as well as our commercial success. We consciously address the expectations placed on us by our customers, policymakers, and society as a whole and offer concrete responses. An essential point for us in this matter is to always place our focus on the people.

CR strategy

Corporate responsibility (CR) has been an integral part of MAN’s corporate strategy since 2010. MAN’s CR strategy is a response to the global and economic challenges which are most crucial for our business. This means we are able to identify risks and opportunities arising from these challenges early on and can react to them accordingly. In doing so, we assume responsibility along the entire value chain. In terms of content, there are five areas of activity:

  • Responsibility for products
  • Responsibility for production
  • Responsibility in the supply chain
  • Responsibility for people
  • Responsibility for society and integrity


As a global enterprise that operates in many areas of business, MAN has a corporate respon¬sibility to its customers, its employees, its investors, and the public. This corporate responsibility includes compliance with laws everywhere and at all times as well as respecting ethical values and acting sustainably. As a result, compliance is a fundamental part of the MAN strategy and must be practiced at all levels of the Group and by all staff alike. MAN’s Governance, Risk & Compliance Organization has developed a Group-wide Integrity and Compliance Program and introduced a wide range of measures to ensure that compli¬ance at MAN is implemented and practiced throughout the Group.

Further information

MAN Compliance Program

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