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Julian Nagelsmann tests new MAN bus

Julian Nagelsmann from RB Leipzig is famous for giving his all on the sidelines as Germany's youngest Bundesliga coach. The 33-year-old also proved his skills as a coach driver when the ‘Red Bulls’ took delivery of their new team bus. The football manager is keen to personally take the wheel of the MAN Lion’s Coach L. Will he be able to remain calm while test driving the 510 PS giant?

Julian Nagelsmann immediately feels at ease with his new role as “test driver”. As a passionate vehicle enthusiast, he can hardly wait to get the 14-metre colossus into motion. At that time, however, no one anticipated how this first test run would become so spectacular!

Nagelsmann makes his way through the test circuit as if it was everyday routine for him. Even the bad weather conditions do not intimidate him. His two co-trainers Benjamin Glück and Maximilian Pelka are amazed as they closely observe their manager’s driving skills. The team bus is well equipped for cloudy weather and poor visibility - with the help of MAN BirdView environment monitoring, Nagelsmann can keep an optimum eye on his surroundings.

The longtime RBL coach driver Roland Hahn sits behind the coach giving him useful tips during the test run. Nagelsmann is soon already mapping out his second career as the future RBL coach driver and and wants to challenge Roland Hahn for his post. But jokes aside: their established driver will of course continue to take the RB Leipzig teams safely and confidently to their destination in the future.

Photographers are capturing an accurate record of this first test run. When RBL bus driver Roland Hahn is allowed behind the wheel for a short time, he is surprised at how quietly the Lion's Coach can be driven – despite its dimensions. Besides many other technical features, this is above all due to its automated twelve-speed transmission. A smooth driving style is important to the RB Leipzig footballers: it enables them to use the coach for relaxation, preparation and regeneration before and after matches.

Then it suddenly becomes a bit tricky on the test track: a downpour! The two co-trainers remain calm and watch attentively how their boss reacts to the challenging driving conditions. Can he still master the test course?

Julian Nagelsmann remains totally serene in the driver’s seat, despite the rain shower. For several weeks now, the rest of the team has also been able to enjoy the comfort of their new luxury team coach. There is certainly plenty of space and legroom available: while a conventional Lion’s Coach L has 57 seats, he team coach of the Leipzig bulls is only equipped with 33 seats – the adjustable backrests, footrests and leg rests of which are sure to prevent one or another tension. True to the motto “You’re only as good as your last game”, the professionals can even use the coach journey to watch and analyse moves on one of five up to 22-inch monitors, or use Apple TV and the sound system to celebrate their victories.

The heavy rain eases, but that doesn’t in any way affect the good mood at the test track! Who would have thought that Nagelsmann would be such a star behind the wheel? The camera team has in the meantime sought shelter under umbrellas and is using the opportunity to review the shots they’ve taken so far.

Julian Nagelsmann masters the test course with ease and keeps his composure. He isn’t even hesitant when it comes to difficult manoeuvres like the brake test! His strong nerves, which he shows as a head coach on the sidelines, will certainly benefit him behind the wheel.

Even the camera team isn’t irritated by the poor weather conditions and continues to do its best to find the perfect angle to capture Nagelsmann’s talents as a coach driver. The heavy rain has returned and this requires teamwork to ensure that their equipment remains dry.

Nevertheless, the team doesn't miss a deatiled close-up of the new team bus, because its exterior design makes RB Leipzig's new companion just as unique as its interior equipment and assistance systems!

A strong team: after his successful test run, Julian Nagelsmann poses proudly with his co-trainers Benjamin Glück and Maximilian Pelka and coach driver Roland Hahn in front of their new team member. The Lion’s Coach has passed its acid test!

An exciting day draws to a close. Julian Nagelsmann certainly won’t forget his brief career as a test driver any time soon. His conclusion: “It felt a bit strange and is certainly very different to driving a car. But it was a wonderful feeling, and of course a very powerful experience!”

Text   Katrin Brahner
Photos   Christian Kaufmann / MAN


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