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Ein Kameramann und sein Assistent filmen einen MAN TGX im SIGNAL IDUNA PARK

MAN is filming with the BVB stars


During the filming at the Signal Iduna Park in Dortmund, the MAN TGX completely convinced the BVB professionals Mats Hummels, Marcel Schmelzer and Marwin Hitz of its qualities. For football fans, the Truck of the Year will soon become a box seat - right on the edge of the pitch.

For BVB stars Mats Hummels, Marcel Schmelzer and Marwin Hitz it was a special kind of working day. Instead of chasing goals at Dortmund's Signal Iduna Park, they were there filming a commercial with the MAN TGX in the unique BVB design. Mats Hummels in particular couldn't help but be amazed: "What a piece of art!"

Indeed, the Truck of the Year was an impressive sight - in front of an equally impressive backdrop. Just a few metres away from Borussia's hallowed turf, the MAN TGX was parked directly in front of the famous Südkurve. A box seat right on the edge of the pitch!

Marcel Schmelzer and Marwin Hitz took the opportunity to inspect the truck in detail. Among other things, they made themselves comfortable in the spacious and completely black-and-yellow branded sleeping area of the TGX. Their verdict: "A real luxury truck." The BVB goalkeeper even went one step further: "Maybe I'll retrain and go on tour with the TGX myself one day," Hitz said.

Defence boss Mats Hummels, who was visibly comfortable in front of the camera, can also imagine a day behind the wheel: "I'm not a big car fan, but a vehicle like that, that's something extraordinary."

But what is actually behind the whole action? Why did the three professionals - supported by stadium announcer Nobby Dickel - film with the TGX? It's simple: the clip is part of a competition, with a prize that is hard to beat. The winner and a companion follow a BVB match from the TGX on the edge of the South Curve at Signal Iduna Park - up close and completely corona-compliant. Afterwards, they will have the truck to themselves for one night, because the overnight stay in the spacious sleeping area is included, as is the catering. 

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