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Anyone who goes travelling has stories to tell. In case of the Lion’s City E roadtrip from Munich to Limerick, there are far too many stories to tell them all. But we’ll add a few more impressions from "behind the scenes".

Well disguised. A shoot like this would be impossible without walkie-talkies. It’s essential for communication between the cameraman and the bus driver, who often has to drive past the camera several times to get the perfect shot. 

Film-maker and drone pilot Andras scouts out the area – where can we get the best view?

Don’t be so impatient... We need to align the tripod first, so that the picture looks straight.

A portrait photo of Sebastian Lindner in stony surroundings.

This trip was a real emotional rollercoaster for me. But it was so good to take to the streets in a bus after two years of Covid and to meet experts, customers, journalists – great people in many countries. And to feel and spread the enthusiasm for electromobility.

Sebastian Lindner
Press spokesman, MAN Corporate Communications

Colourful giants – marvel at many trucks of different generations alongside the buses at the Busforum in Munich.

Roll the camera! In addition to the film of the trip and nature pictures, we also have a whole lot of interviews from the road trip in the can.

Are they both in focus? Just checking a few camera settings, then we can get going with the interview with Rudi Kuchta.

A self-portrait of Lara Freiburger in the rearview mirror of the bus.

We have been able to produce so much fantastic content on this wonderful road trip. I was amazed how so many people came and found us to talk to us and take a closer look at the bus. I hadn’t counted on that. It was wonderful.

Lara Freiburger

All eyes on bus! Wherever the Lion’s City E goes, the paparazzi aren’t far behind. Even if they’re part of the crew...

Field research – what on earth is Victor doing in the middle of that field?

Berlin calling! When project manager Ulrike Schonert calls, there’s usually plenty to talk about – and always a few jokes too.

With both feet firmly in the air, artistic photographer Lara transforms beautiful experiences into magical pictures.

The team have dubbed him “Gentle Heinrich” – and not just because of his driving style. Our bus driver Heinrich Degenhart is the good soul of the tour.

He’s as good as anyone: MAN communications specialist Sebastian Lindner holds all the strings and is always ready to pitch in.

Extreme sports enthusiasts love them, and so do extreme road trippers: the GoPro provides lots of great driving videos and stunning views.

A portrait of Boris Pieritz in a field of flowers.

This road trip taught me how much energy professional drivers can squeeze out of an electric bus, and just how flexible that makes it as a public bus. Impressive! If I didn’t have a family waiting for me at home, I’d head off around the world with this fantastic team.

Boris Pieritz

Knight to go in Alsace. The souvenir shop at Haut-Koenigsbourg has all kinds of souvenirs to grace the display cabinet at home.

Behind is the vibrant city, in front the peaceful lake. It doesn’t get much more meditative than this in the heart of Zürich.

Traditional, or would you prefer it with salmon? White wine is essential! The team enjoys tarte flambée and a nice glass of wine in Alsace.

Everything is blossoming in the most beautiful colours – the team have landed in the middle of spring in Normandy.

Norman robot heads, or just a tired-looking letterbox?

A portrait of Sascha Kaliga with camera in hand.

I found it exiting to experience something completely new every day. Every day was like a surprise gift. Now we’re pleased to have arrived at our destination in Limerick and I’m looking forward to being able to see all the events and emotions of the trip once more in a retrospective video.

Sascha Kaliga

Courteous bus – the tractor let the team go past. Stuck behind it, the Lion’s City E would have been really late to its destination.

When the editor becomes a product expert: Boris Pieritz provides lovely Irishwoman Madeline Dwyer with information on the MAN Lion’s City E in Rosslare.

You don’t often see this much enthusiasm for buses. Yoni from Belgium wants to be a bus driver one day.

Home is where the local MAN partner is – the Lion’s city E didn’t need repairs on this trip, but was always happy to fuel up with some fresh energy. 

A portrait photo of Rudnitzky.

I will still enjoy telling my friends about this road trip ten years from now. I am honored to be part of this team and to complete the road trip here in Limerick.

Stephan Rudnitzky
Product Expert Bus

Lost at sea – you need a good map when the ship is as big as this. The most important thing, however, is to find the bar. The team is finally on its way from Roscoff to Cork and after a strenuous day, they deserve a cold beer. 

Escape from the solo entertainer: The team on the ferry with an after-work beer. 

A tower above the waves: Architecture of the ferry to Cork. Photographer Lara has an excellent eye for lines and perspectives and turns everyday objects into magical images. 

Text   Julia Fiedler
Photos   Lara Freiburger

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