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Joking and sometimes a bit hearty – that’s what makes a good limerick. In the end of the five-verse poems, there’s always a punchline. Limericks were invented in the 19th century – and in an Irish pub itcertainly can’t hurt to have a few good ones up your sleeve. We have written our own.

A photo collage with various impressions of Limerick, for example a waffle bus, the MAN tour bus and landscapes.


There once was an e-bus from Munich
that wanted to drive up to Limerick!
With a team from MAN
which said: “Yes, we can!“
it easily pulled off this big trick. 


The bus climbed the Alps with ease.
Recuperation got Heinrich quite pleased.
We went up and down,
saw Liechtenstein‘s crown
and nobody had to pee.


Bright sunshine, our faces aglow.
The battery never went low.
From St. Moritz to Brussels
for some power and mussels.
What a lovely journey, what a show! 


Suddenly we reached a big stream.
It’s up in the air! All screamed.
With a ship above our heads
We thought we’ve gone mad.
Man, we’re a lucky team! 


In the end we sailed across the sea
with lots of Guinness, no tea.
Then Ireland was seen
with all shades of green
our Lion made it – finally! 


Text   Boris Pieritz
Photos   Lara Freiburger

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