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I am very proud of the design of the Lion’s City E

Interview with Stephan Schönherr
Head of Design


Progress should be visible: As Vice President Bus Design, Stephan Schönherr is responsible for MAN and NEOPLAN bus design. And successfully so: he and his team have won numerous awards with their designs, including the iF Design Award, the Red Dot Design Award and the German Design Award. In this video interview, he talks about the design of the MAN Lion’s City E. 

Incidentally, it’s not by chance that our Lion’s City E is painted blue. All vehicle manufacturers have traditionally used blue as the colour to identify electric vehicles. Of course, MAN has its own blue – a metallic shade that goes by the wonderful name of “Pulse Blue”. It indicates purity and value.

With panels above the front headlights, discreet side panels below the curve of the roof and a strip in the rear window, the blue extends around the whole vehicle, making the e-bus immediately recognisable from any direction. Because the blue is always surrounded by a black outline, it stands out from the corporate design of the bus company, without the colours clashing.

The blade at the sides is characteristic of MAN buses and, together with the optically reduced roof structure, rising dome at the front of the roof and the rear spoiler contributes to the dynamic look of the electric bus. Its silhouette is entirely designed to optimise the drag coefficient.

Chief Designer

Stephan Schönherr is responsible for the MAN and NEOPLAN bus design. 

Strong Team

Stephan Schönherr and his colleagues have already won many prizes for their designs. 


Electric buses are based on a new technology – and also need to be immediately recognisably innovative.  

Step by step

The designers touched on the typical design elements of the MAN Lion’s City E in several stages. 

It's here

E-mobility is already a firm part of the traffic on our roads – and it is only going to become more significant. 

Interview   Christian Buck
Photos   MAN, Lara Freiburger

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