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Road trip travelers can experience the highlights of Switzerland on the so-called "Grand Tour".

A minimalist map of Switzerland with a route from Bavona Valley to Gruyére.

The Swiss Tourism Association created a route of 1,643 kilometers that leads to every corner of the country and is well covered with charging points for the e-car. Incidentally, the name of the route does not allude to the series of the same name with Jeremy Clarkson and Co. but to a tradition of European nobility in the Renaissance. At that time, sons were sent on a Grand Tour, an educational trip through Europe, after completing their education.

A photo collage with impressions from Switzerland, such as the Furka Pass and Swiss cheese.



The Furka Pass. Sean Connery traveled it in his role as James Bond in "Goldfinger", the curves and the panorama are legendary. It's nice to be able to ride in a relaxed way and not be chased by bad guys!



The Bavona Valley in Ticino. Walking through the 12 ancient stone villages to a mighty waterfall feels like traveling back in time. Electricity is prohibited here for reasons of protecting tradition. Impressive!



Swiss cheese. In total, there are more than 450 varieties and each region has its own, from Gruyère to Vacherin. Highly recommended: buy the cheese directly from the farmer at a weekly market.

Text   Julia Fiedler
Photos   Getty Images, iStockphoto


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