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Automation, digitisation, emission-free mobility: those who don’t move with the times will disappear from the market. MAN is setting its course for the future. Digital solutions are part of everyday reality in all departments at MAN – above all in its latest trucks and buses. 

The image transformation has long since been completed: in the past, IT specialists were occasionally considered to be mere computer nerds, whereas nowadays they are nothing less than game changers for many companies that have recognised the opportunities of digitisation and are using the help of these digital experts to consistently position themselves to be future-proof. Just like MAN Truck & Bus. Because digitisation, in addition to automation and the objective of zero-emission mobility, are significant drivers of the transformation in which the entire automotive and transport sector now finds itself. This digital impulse is thus a focal point of NewMAN – a strategy by which MAN is setting its sights on overarching, competitive and flexible structures and the development of innovative technologies.

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Digital solutions are already playing a major part in relation to this development, since they’re in daily use in all departments at MAN. Indeed the product itself is leading the way as a digital all-rounder: the new MAN truck generation is setting standards in terms of connectivity thanks to its unique electronic architecture. Numerous offerings from MAN DigitalServices facilitate the work of drivers and fleet managers; upgrades can be transmitted to the vehicle “via the airwaves”, innovative features enable proactive management of maintenance and repairs and give a high degree of transparency across the entire fleet at the touch of a button. These digital services constantly contribute to maximising vehicle uptime and making their deployment more cost-effective. MAN Perform, the deployment analysis tool covering drivers and vehicles, is being upgraded with new extras during the second half of 2021 and early 2022, such as automated fleet and driver reports and the integration of further performance data. 


Trucks in the latest generation also feature innovative assistance systems that increase driver safety and driver convenience. These are also based on the intelligent use of digital technologies. The new mirror replacement system operates via cameras mounted around the vehicle. They map the traffic situation surrounding the truck on two large high-resolution displays on the A pillars as well as on the media system screen. Drivers can choose between different viewing options that consistently eliminate blind spots, increase visual convenience and above all substantially enhance safety for other road users. 

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Digitization in the vehicle With the MAN Optiview mirror replacement system, the driver has a clear view of the traffic situation around his truck.

The MAN Optiview mirror replacement system results in drivers having a reliable view of the traffic situation around their trucks. The new collision avoidance assistant offers greater safety when changing lanes. It actively intervenes with corrective steering if a collision is imminent and thus extends the functionality of the previous lane change warning system. The new MAN CruiseAssist offers even greater driver assistance. This automatically steers, accelerates and brakes the TGX and TGS through the traffic flow on motorways, even in a traffic jam. Drivers do of course still have to keep their hands on the steering wheel, but the system does still provide noticeable relief and extra safety. The example of MAN CruiseAssist indicates that transport by truck is increasingly moving in the direction of automated driving. This is made possible by advances in digital technology. 


MAN is also demonstrating its digital innovativeness in the bus sector. This becomes evident when looking at MAN eManager, the digital command centre for the MAN Lion’s City E urban bus, which is not only used to manage battery charging in the electric bus. Fleet managers can also use MAN eManager to conveniently keep an eye on and control other vehicle parameters. Even the services provided by MAN Sales are already based on digital solutions, as confirmed by the SalesMAN sales platform.

The future of the (mobile) world is digital. MAN Truck & Bus is equipped for this and already proves it today by means of a broad digital portfolio – in its internal and external processes as well as in its products.

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