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Zero emission made easy 

The experts at MAN Transport Solutions have been advising customers on the switch to e-mobility for years. Their extensive expertise informs ever new services and features. 

Should I switch to a fully electric fleet? Which vehicles do I need for this? And what do I need to do about the infrastructure? Many logistics companies are currently grappling with questions such as these. And it’s no wonder, given that the technologies in the mobility sector are developing rapidly, and many companies also want to reduce their CO2 emissions as quickly as possible. 

Those looking to make the right decisions in this regard need to arm themselves with information – or be fully informed. This is where the experts at MAN Transport Solutions come in: they advise and guide MAN customers on decisions relating to optimal bus deployment, ideal e-truck fleet operations, the right quantity of battery packs and the appropriate charging infrastructure on their journey to a zero-emission future. The experts also know how to make fleets and route networks as efficient as possible. 

Experts from Transport Solutions explain every detail of the e-vehicles to their customers.
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On-site discussion: The experts from Transport Solutions explain every detail of the e-vehicles to their customers.

Visitors look at the truck's batteries
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View of the energy storage system: Visitors look at where the batteries are installed on the frame.

Electromobility: a completely new ecosystem 

MAN Transport Solutions has been advising customers from numerous industries for over four years. More than 200 projects in 20 European countries have been successfully completed. Among these, more than 1,500 routes were analysed in terms of just-in-time deliveries, local public transport with buses and outside temperature-dependent energy concepts, to name just a few examples. 

With its consulting services, MAN looks at the entire process with a 360-degree analysis that covers all areas and always focuses on each customer’s specific requirements. This is designed to ensure that truck, bus and van operators can switch to electromobility successfully and with as little effort and surprises as possible. 

For customers, this changeover means entering a completely new ecosystem. After all, it is not simply a matter of procuring new electric vehicles – the accompanying infrastructure and operational changes must also be considered. MAN Transport Solutions has the most important aspects covered, including feasibility studies for tours and routes, calculating the number of vehicles required, developing a charging strategy and concepts including cost estimates for the charging infrastructure, assessing future energy demand peaks and their reduction, conducting energy cost comparisons between electricity and diesel, as well as outlining detailed concepts for a possible conversion scenario and proof of the CO2 savings potential. 

“What we need in order to be able to offer our customers state-of-the-art supplementary services such as intelligent e-route planning in the future is intelligent software in addition to hardware,” explains Dr Frederik Zohm, MAN Executive Board Member for Research and Development. “Developing this and interpreting the many new parameters in an electric vehicle will be crucial – even for us, for example, to be able to assess the condition of a battery after a certain period of use. Battery analytics is the watchword here. For customers, we need this data to be able to offer tailored solutions within the scope of MAN Transport Solutions.” 

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in 20 countries have already been successfully completed by the experts at MAN Transport Solutions.


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Frederick Zohm Portrait

What we need in order to be able to offer our customers state-of-the-art additional services such as intelligent e-route planning in the future is not only hardware, but above all intelligent software.

Dr. Frederick Zohm
Head of Charging & ePTO
MAN Truck & Bus

Customers take a test drive with the new eTruck
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Practical test: During the MAN eMobility Experience Days, many customers took a test drive in the new eTruck.

Sufficient lead time to switch to zero-emission vehicles  

For example, planning parameters such as temperature, topography, vehicle utilisation or built-in auxiliary equipment must be taken into consideration, as these influence the range. It is crucial to start preparing for the changeover in good time. “Before the first electric vehicle can be integrated into existing operations, a lead time of 12 to 18 months is often required. Therefore, our advice to all those who want to switch to zero-emission vehicles in the near future is that a phased transition and sufficient lead time reduce the risk,” says Stefan Sahlmann, Head of eMobility Business Consulting & Solutions. 

Through its cooperation with partners ABB, Heliox and SBRS Schaltbau, MAN Transport Solutions already offers the right charging infrastructure in addition to comprehensive advice. The partners represent the ideal supplement to the range of services, from detailed planning, delivery, installation, repair and maintenance to the management of the charging station. 

In public transport, too, MAN Transport Solutions can draw up proposals on how to operate with e-buses based on the current situation and local data on routes and cycle times. Typical questions during the consultation on electric mobility include: Can the routes be maintained on a one-to-one basis? Are more vehicles necessary? Does the operator have to plan breaks for top-up charging? What investments in infrastructure are necessary? And when is the best time to recharge the vehicles in order to secure attractive terms from the electricity supplier? 

The end result is a customer-specific concept for operating electric buses cost-effectively. “Our goal is to provide customers with the best possible support in their daily work – whether with tailored solutions, individual consulting services or new technologies,” says Rudi Kuchta, Head of Business Unit Bus at MAN Truck & Bus. 

Hans-Dietrich von Gemmingen is a consultant at MAN Transport Solutions
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Advice from the expert Hans-Dietrich von Gemmingen from MAN Transport Solutions advised customers at the eMobility event on switching to electromobility.

Stefan Sahlmann Portrait

Our advice to all those who want to switch to zero-emission vehicles soon: A gradually planned changeover and sufficient lead time reduce the risk.

Stefan Sahlmann
Head of eMobility Business Consulting & Solutions
MAN Truck & Bus

MAN eReadyCheck for perfect range analysis


One of the most frequently asked questions during consultations is: How far can I get with electrically powered vehicles in everyday life? To answer this question, MAN Transport Solutions has a new tool on offer: MAN eReadyCheck. This tool shows customers that they can easily operate many of their existing routes with a MAN e-truck – allaying fears over the switch to e-mobility. The MAN eReadyCheck even gives an initial recommendation on the battery capacity required in the vehicles. The calculations are based on parameters such as body type/semi-trailer, average daily temperature and the proportion of urban, overland and motorway journeys. “The more actively and transparently we communicate the technical possibilities to customers, the better we can demonstrate our competitiveness,” says Zohm.

Our goal is to provide customers with the best possible support in their daily work – whether with tailored solutions, individual consulting services or new technologies.

Rudi Kuchta
Head of Business Unit Bus
MAN Truck & Bus

A continuously expanding range of services 

With its range of services, MAN is preparing its customers for the switch to electric vehicles early on. Over the course of the last few years, the experts have amassed a great deal of experience and built up a wealth of knowledge. In addition, they are continuously developing their range of services on the basis of the constantly growing volumes of data.

Fleet managers and truck drivers will soon be able to use Smart Route Planning to plan their routes in such a way that all orders are fulfilled safely – always taking into account factors such as battery status, charging infrastructure, weather and driving and rest times. Through real-time data exchange, the drivers always receive the optimal route, sent directly to the cab.

In future, Data-Based Consulting should make it possible to create an individual electrification concept for logistics companies with the help of existing fleet data and to optimise it based on real data. Among other things, this addresses the question of which vehicles can be replaced by electrically powered alternatives, how the e-trucks and e-transporters can best be used on the routes and what impact the switch to e-mobility has on the overall costs. This analysis can be carried out again and again and adapts to a growing fleet, for example. This means that MAN customers, with their electrically powered vehicles, are always ahead of the game.

Text   Boris Pieritz
Photos   MAN / VDV

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