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EcoVadis awards gold medal to MAN 

MAN is among the top five per cent of assessed companies in the Vehicle Manufacture sector. Success through multidisciplinary cooperation between all areas of MAN. 

Gold for MAN! EcoVadis, the world’s largest provider of sustainability assessments, has analysed the commercial vehicle manufacturer and determined that MAN is among the top five per cent of the 104 companies assessed in the Vehicle Manufacture segment. To put that into figures, MAN scored 72 out of 100 points, while the average score is just 45. That’s why EcoVadis has awarded the commercial vehicle manufacturer a gold medal for the first time, after a bronze medal in 2021. 

"We have embedded sustainability into the heart of our corporate strategy, because we, with our product portfolio, have a significant influence on CO2 emissions,” says MAN CEO Alexander Vlaskamp. “We are, of course, all the more pleased that EcoVadis has arrived at such an excellent score on the basis of our current sustainability report.” 

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Well above average: MAN scored significantly better than the industry average in every area.

It’s an incentive for us to further increase our efforts in all the areas in question – sustainability isn’t a result, it’s a continuous process.

Alexander Vlaskamp

Praise for transparent and comprehensive reporting 


EcoVadis ranks companies in four areas. MAN achieved its highest score in the Environment section (80 points), followed by Labour and Human Rights (70 points), Sustainable Procurement (70 points) and Ethics (60 points). The assessment of MAN especially highlighted the transparent and comprehensive reporting and progress monitoring for all relevant sustainability aspects (e.g. the audited sustainability report according to the GRI standard), the commitment to sustainability goals through public information and measures already implemented (e.g. the SBTi targets) and the directives and policies covering the four assessment areas that are firmly embedded within the company (e.g. MAN’s environment policy). 

“That’s now bearing fruit, as our jump in the rankings from EcoVadis has shown,” says MAN CEO Alexander Vlaskamp. “It’s an incentive for us to further increase our efforts in all the areas in question – sustainability isn’t a result, it’s a continuous process. Even in a difficult market, we regard sustainable action as a requirement for being able to remain competitive in the future.” 

The multidisciplinary cooperation between all areas of MAN has made a significant contribution to success in the EcoVadis assessment. The company is keen to continue on this path in the future. MAN intends to further optimise its sustainability measures on the basis of the strengths and weaknesses identified by the experts in the detailed analysis.

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Inevitable: More and more often, we are seeing sustainability assessments playing a key role in investments, and customer interest in the topic is also similarly great.

Network of more than 100,000 assessed companies 


Since its foundation in 2007, the independent ratings agency EcoVadis has built an international network of more than 100,000 rated companies. Experts analyse how well these principles of sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) have been integrated into their business activities and management systems – specifically according to sector, country and company size. MAN has participated in these rankings since 2014. 

The aim of EcoVadis is to create reliable and globally recognised sustainability rankings. Companies can document their own efforts and consider rankings when selecting suppliers. Rankings like these are increasingly being taken into account as a requirement for new acquisitions. 

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scored by MAN in the overall assessment conducted by EcoVadis. The industry average for the Vehicle Manufacture segment is just 45. 


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scored by MAN in the Environment section of the assessment. 


Text   Christian Buck
Photos   MAN, EcoVadis

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