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Bus stops are not very spectacular-looking, do you agree? These bus stops in the former Soviet Union are different. The Canadian photographer Christopher Herwig came across them on a trip and used them for his book “Soviet Bus Stops”



The bus stop in Pitsunda in Abkhazia is like a spaceship. But the roof doesn't really look very rainproof.

Moderne Bushaltestelle im abchasischen Pitsunda



Saint George killing the dragon on the roof of the bus stop in the Russian city of Rostovanovskoye. It is a miracle that the building doesn't collapse under the weight of the huge statue. 

Eine Haltestelle im russischen Rostovanovskoye



The bus stop with a small tower is in Aralsk in Kazakhstan. From the top you get a wonderful view over the deserted Steppe Plains.

Haltestelle mit Türmchen in Aralsk in Kasachstan



Even more bizarre is this mosaic structure in Gagra, also in Abkhazia. What is that – a giant seashell-shaped bus stop? It definitely took a tremendous effort to build this work of art. 

Moderne Bushaltestelle in Gagra, Abchasien

Text   Felix Enzian
Photos   Christopher Herwig

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