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From Munich to Bilbao


The tension is rising: After many years of hard work, countless hours of development, production and testing, the new generation of MAN trucks was ready to be transferred from Munich to Bilbao in Spain. The big launch of the new series has taken place there on 10 February. Follow the video diary of the exciting journey in four steps here.

Die Route des neuen MAN Truck von München nach Bilbao zum großen Launch


Start: Munich

After six years of working on the new generation of vehicles. MAN engineer Martin Thalmeier can now drive a truck to Bilbao himself: "It's a terrific feeling," he enthuses. These are his first impressions of the handing over of the keys and the beginning of the road trip.


A journey across Germany

On the road from Munich to the port of Zeebrugge in Belgium, the drivers have the opportunity to extensively test the interior and the new operating concept of the new truck for the first time. The enthusiasm is immense. “It's unbelievably fun to drive the new vehicle," says Martin Thalmeier after 850 kilometers. Results after the second stage? It can go on like this!


Welcome to Bilbao

After two days sailing across the North Sea, through the English Channel and along the Atlantic coast, the ferry arrives in the port of Bilbao. The precious cargo is safely stored on board. At the same time, preparations in the exhibition halls of the Basque industrial and port city are well underway.


Ready to face the world

After the long journey all trucks have arrived at the Bilbao Exhibition Center. Now they will be completely prepared and cleaned up for the big world premiere. The anticipation is growing and all involved MAN employees are excited. "what I like best about the new vehicle is, that we listened to the input of our customers and thus built the best product for haulers and drivers." summarises Martin Thalmeier at the end of his crossing.

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