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Cities without electric scooters are no longer conceivable. And leading provider TIER Mobility is relying on locally emission-free MAN eTGE service vans to ensure that its e-scooters are maintained in an eco-friendly manner. A framework agreement recently concluded between TIER and MAN envisages the delivery of up to 130 of these electrically powered vans. A true alliance in terms of sustainability.

A MAN eTGE stands in a room surrounded by e-scooters. A person places an e-scooter inside the eTGE.
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Rundum emisssionsfrei Für Wartung und Transport der E-Scooter von TIER ist der MAN eTGE die perfekte Wahl.

Locals are happy to use them on the way to work or to get to a meeting. They’re popular with tourists for short trips between attractions. E-scooters are enjoying a high level of popularity, especially in large cities, because providers like TIER are making them easy to use: you simply use an app to find an e-scooter parked nearby, unlock it via QR code, ride away and then leave the vehicle in a suitable parking bay at your destination. This concept is known as micromobility and is especially suitable for spontaneous and short journeys. It simultaneously reduces passenger car journeys and their associated emissions and also relieves public transport. A big plus points for sustainability.  

TIER Mobility has committed itself to sustainability and is striving to attain the objective of climate neutrality. TIER is now relying on the MAN eTGE for electric mobility, so that in future it’s not only the TIER e-scooters that are buzzing through the streets emission-free, but also the vehicles needed to maintain them. The intention is that these fully-electric vans will be used in particular to transport the e-scooters to the right locations and for replacing their batteries. The batteries are to be fully charged in the TIER depot and then replaced on site using an eTGE. In some cities TIER also operates decentralised charging and replacement stations to minimise distances within the city. The e-vans from MAN will also be used to transport the e-scooters when they need to be serviced or repaired. “We’re very pleased that our eTGE vans will soon be on the roads as part of the TIER fleet in ever more European towns and cities. MAN and TIER – that’s an exceptional combination, because both our companies are united by the objective of making the future of mobility more sustainable and eco-friendly, says Daniel Holbein, who is responsible for the Van Sales division at MAN Truck & Bus SE.

“Sustainability is a very important aspect for TIER Mobility. We offer our customers sustainable micromobility using e-scooters and are now delighted to have the MAN eTGE as an emission-free transport alternative for our logistics”, Peter Russ, Regional Manager for the Rhine & Main area at TIER Mobility explains.

City capability

The framework agreement between TIER and MAN envisages the delivery of up to 130 battery electric vans. It is valid in 13 countries in Europe where TIER operates, such as Germany, France, Great Britain, Poland, Austria, Norway, Sweden and the Netherlands. It can also be extended to other countries. The first vehicles are already in service in Great Britain and Germany. TIER fleets in Germany using MAN eTGE vans are on the roads in Düsseldorf, Ingolstadt, Mainz, Wiesbaden, Münster, Reutlingen and Osnabrück.

Maximilian Djacic is responsible for the operative vehicle fleet at TIER Mobility. He is pleased with the new additions to his fleet: “These MAN eTGE electric vans represent an important building block in the conversion of our service fleet to e-vehicles. Their e-van’s high payload and range enable our staff to transport everything they need for the daily operation of our multimodal fleet and they can also make their way quickly and efficiently through urban traffic.”

Economically attractive

Maximilian Djacic was also convinced by the extensive safety and comfort features that are available as standard in the MAN eTGE. Features like the emergency brake assist, reversing camera or flank protection prove to be a major benefit in city centres and also make the vehicle economically very attractive. “The MAN eTGE has already been on the market since 2018. In my view it means we’ve got a sophisticated, sturdy e-vehicle that fully meets our requirements for clean and low-emission city transport”, explains Maximilian Djacic, project manager for operational vehicles at TIER.

Text   Felix Enzian
Photos   Marco Reufzaat (Düsseldorf), Tom Lee (London)

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