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Dr. Andreas Tostmann, CEO of MAN Truck & Bus, in front of the award-winning MAN TGXDr. Andreas Tostmann, CEO of MAN Truck & Bus, in front of the award-winning MAN TGX

MAN’s TGX wins ITOY Award


A very special honour: MAN’s TGX named International Truck of the Year 2021! The coronavirus pandemic meant that the 2020 award ceremony was held virtually – as part of an enthusiastic greeting message from around the world.

Close-up of the International Truck of the Year Award on the driver's seat of the MAN TGX

MAN’s brightly polished TGX in gold is set against the backdrop of the no less noble Villa Reale in Monza, Italy. Gianenrico Griffini is standing next to it and is obviously in a great mood. The president of the jury for the International Truck of the Year (ITOY) Award is looking forward to handing over the coveted award by phone call directly to Andreas Tostmann, CEO at MAN Truck & Bus. The classicist palace in Lombardy represents a successful and festive backdrop to the virtual award ceremony – for all the problems that the coronavirus is causing, it’s also making people very creative.

Award goes to MAN for the eighth time

The ITOY Award is one of the transport industry’s most important accolades. It has been awarded since 1977 by a jury consisting of specialist journalists from across the world. The board is currently made up of 24 members. These are the people that decide each year which vehicle launched within the previous 12 months will receive the ITOY Award. MAN was honoured with the award for the eighth time this year.

From the jury's point of view, its TGX won the race by a country mile. “With its new generation of trucks, MAN has launched a future-oriented, heavy-duty series of trucks that meets today’s market requirements in a for the demanding times best possible way while also addressing the challenges of tomorrow. The optimisation of fuel consumption further constitutes a valuable contribution to the reduction of environmental pollution,” said ITOY President Gianenrico Griffini, summarising the jury members’ verdict. He then went on to present the ‘golden boy’ and highlight some of the features that had particularly impressed the jury.

The phone call from Jury President Griffini to CEO Andreas Tostmann was the highlight of the virtual ceremony. The CEO at MAN Truck & Bus was delighted to hear the news – and very proud. “The title 'International Truck of the Year' is a great recognition of the outstanding work of our MAN team. For more than five years, the team has been working towards just one goal: to develop the best truck for the drivers and our customers and get it on the road. This coveted award reflects us back: goal achieved,” said Tostmann.

Many test drives convinced the jury

The members of the ITOY jury have been putting the well thought-out concept for MAN’s new generation of trucks to the test in trials since February 2020. Besides quality of living and driving comfort, the new truck scored points with the easy readability of the fully digital display instruments and the intuitive operation of driving and multimedia functions.

The particularly efficient Euro 6d power train, which in conjunction with improved aerodynamics and MAN’s EfficientCruise GPS cruise-control system enables fuel savings of up to 8.2% to be achieved compared with the previous version, proved to be particularly convincing for the jury during the road tests. The effective safety features and high connectivity – including the associated range of digital services – that MAN’s TGX boasts also made a deeply positive impression on the trade journalists.

Three decisive features

The members of the international jury described their impressions of MAN’s TGX in individual video messages during the awards ceremony. Martin Schatzmann from Switzerland said: “MAN’s TGX got my vote because it’s good for both drivers and businesses. It wasn’t only the innovative electronics, the modular cab concept and the new safety features that impressed me, I also really liked the driver’s dashboard. What I liked best: MAN chose not to use touch screens.”

His colleague Charleen Clarke from South Africa also came to an enthusiastic conclusion: “The new MAN has got lots of things right. But three features were decisive for me. The interior now feels more upmarket, safety features abound in the TGX and it simultaneously achieves fuel savings in excess of 8%. MAN’s TGX is a truck that will delight both drivers and businesses.”

It was not only the decisive phone call that delighted CEO Andreas Tostmann on this November day. Representing all those who worked on MAN’s TGX, he was, above all, delighted to see that the intensive five-year development work that went into the new generation of trucks and the many courageous, forward-looking decisions that the team took during that time being recognised with the presentation of the coveted ITOY Award 2021.

For more than five years, the team has worked towards only one goal: to develop the best truck for the drivers and our customers.

Andreas Tostmann
CEO at MAN Truck & Bus

Text   Susanne Theissen
Photos   MAN


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