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Ein neuer MAN TGX fährt zum ersten Mal durch Bilbao

The best MAN of all time


Looking forward to the presentation in Bilbao and hardly able to wait with excitement – that's now a thing of the past. Here it is: the new MAN truck generation!

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Impressions from Bilbao The launch of the new MAN Truck Generation was an epic moment for the people of MAN and their international guests.

What MAN Truck & Bus presented to the world in the Spanish port city of Bilbao is the beginning of a new chapter. The new MAN truck generation is the result of five years of intense development, a total of twelve million hours of passionate work by the 2,100 people directly involved in the project – and the pride of more than 36,000 dedicated MAN employees worldwide. Rightly so, because the launch of the new truck is a big hit, almost 20 years after presentation of the MAN TGA.

Die neue MAN Truck Generation setzt Maßstäbe bei Fahrerorientierung, Assistenzsystemen und digitaler Vernetzung – und verbraucht bis zu acht Prozent weniger Sprit. Eine deutliche CO2-Reduktion. Von Beginn an hat MAN Kunden und Fahrer in die Entwicklung der neuen Lkw-Generation eingebunden. Daher ist „Simply My Truck“ nicht nur ein Claim, sondern die maßgebliche Entwicklungsgrundlage der neuen MAN Truck Generation.

Joachim Drees, CEO of MAN Truck & Bus SE, leaves no doubt when welcoming his  international guests at Bilbao port's Event Dome that they can expect something very special on this evening: "Our new MAN truck generation represents the transformation of the entire company. Toward a company that is completely focused on the customer and their needs." Andreas Renschler, CEO of TRATON SE, also warmly welcomes the audience and follows up: "We at TRATON Group will change the transport sector. By providing our customers with precisely the solutions they need to remain competitive and sustainable as the sector changes."

We at TRATON Group will change the transport sector by providing our customers with precisely the solutions they need.

Andreas Renschler

Countdown to the world premiere of the year

Dr Frederik Zohm, Chief Research and Development Officer at MAN Truck & Bus SE, describes how MAN substantially and sustainably incorporated feedback from transport companies and drivers into the new series during the development process. With impressive details such as the engineers programming 2.8 million lines of software code for the new central computer, or the fact that to date the trucks have endured over four million test kilometres on the road, Zohm caused the already eager guests to salivate a little more – only to send them off for dinner. 

Shortly before 9 pm local time, Joachim Drees returns to the stage and starts the countdown to the highlight of the evening: "Simplifying business" is our promise. We are able to achieve this with the new MAN truck generation and I am sure our customers and especially the drivers will say: this is "Simply my Truck!"

And then it's time: The hall darkens and, illuminated by the spots of the headlights, two MAN TGX roll onto the stage in lustrous Golden Topaz - behind the complete range in front of the harbour scenery. No one is left on their seats - the start of a new chapter at MAN Truck & Bus.

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Pure adrenalin Drivers and transport companies experience the new generation of trucks.  

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