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Whether soccer or basketball, Bundesliga or national team, a strong sports team needs a strong team bus to get safely and rested to the next game and back home again. This is where strong performance counts on both sides: So it's no wonder that MAN is a long-standing and reliable companion to many successful clubs. But which MAN team buses are there anyway? A selection with exciting facts.

Two MAN Lion's Coach C as team buses for DFB women's national team

DFB Women and U21 National Team

The DFB Women's National Team and the new generation of German women's soccer also rely on the MAN Lion's Coach C. Since March 2019, the players and the U21 youngsters can make themselves comfortable in ergonomic seats with adjustable headrests. Of course, the seats, as well as the entrance and the tables, are decorated with the DFB logo. The catering area with refrigerator and coffee bar provides the necessary refreshment during the trip.

DFB Men's National Team

500 hp, 36 elegant seats, a whole lot of comfort: "Die Mannschaft" drives to its matches in the MAN Lion's Coach C since 2019. When it came to the equipment, special attention was paid to safety: In addition to an environment monitoring system with six cameras, the Lion's Coach is equipped with numerous assistance systems. By the way, even before delivery, the future crew bus already had 1492.8 km on the clock. The Lion's Coach was built in Ankara, Turkey, driven from there to Istanbul and then shipped to Trieste, Italy.

A MAN Lion's Coach C as the DFB Men's team bus
A Neoplan Cityliner as the team bus of the Russian national team

Russian national soccer team

The NEOPLAN Cityliner of the Russian national soccer team has a huge picture of the five top players on the outside - a real eye-catcher. Inside, a panoramic glass extends from the driver's seat along the entire length of the bus. The Sbornaja footballers can sit on a total of 44 seats, which are extra comfortable with special upholstery. An infrared-reflecting windshield in combination with a powerful heating and air conditioning system provides the right climate.

Borussia Dortmund

MAN has been a partner of BVB Dortmund since 2010. Since then, the 500-hp MAN Lion's Coach has been safely taking the runners-up to their games and back again. The players should not lack comfort - 22 seats have electrically adjustable and padded leg rests. To create the right mood during the ride, the night lighting is in bright yellow, the club's color. All tables and the ceiling are additionally decorated with the club logo.

MAN Lion's Coach as team bus for Borussia Dortmund
MAN Lion's Coach L as FC Bayern team bus

FC Bayern Munich

MAN has been accompanying the Champions League winner since 2008, but the footballers have only been taking their seats in the new MAN Lion's Coach L since 2018. Even from the outside, the players cheer on their fans in oversized form, and the FC Bayern München logo adorns the rear of the premium bus. But the highlight is the extensively equipped kitchen inside. Thanks to the microwave, steam oven, and three refrigerators, the team can eat before and after every game.

Borussia Mönchengladbach

In 2018, the Gladbach soccer team exchanged its MAN team bus, which until then had been predominantly white, for a new design with a chic overall black look. "Linie 1900" is the name of the new vehicle that has been transporting the players safely and comfortably to their away games ever since. The team nickname "Fohlenelf" and the club logo adorn the outside of the bus and signal from afar that the Gladbach team is on the move. The new Gladbach team bus is currently being fitted out and will be handed over to the club before the end of the year.

A MAN bus as the team bus of Borussia Mönchengladbach
MAN Lion's Star as Hamburger SV team bus

Hamburger SV

The "Rauten Express", as the HSV team bus is affectionately called in reference to the club's logo, has been taking Hamburg's athletes to their games since 2010. When it came to the exterior design of the MAN Lion's Star, fans were even given the opportunity to demonstrate their own creative skills by sending in their design suggestions online. The club received over 600 submissions, and in the end the jury decided on the lettering "Nur der HSV" (Only HSV) in combination with an image of the roaring fan community at the rear. Starting this fall, HSV will also be on the road in the new MAN Lion's Coach.

FC Kopenhagen

The elegant NEOPLAN Skyliner in matte black has been accompanying the FC Copenhagen footballers since 2018. During the production of the team bus, the club and MAN were in close communication, which meant that the players' wishes could be taken into account exactly. It was particularly important to the club's director, Daniel Rommedahl, that the bus could be used not only as a means of transport, but also as a central point for match preparation. 

MAN Skyliner as FC Copenhagen team bus
Neoplan Cityliner as team bus of Alba Berlin stands in front of the Olympic Stadium in Berlin

Alba Berlin

For the basketball players of Alba Berlin, the NEOPLAN Cityliner was given an extra generous interior design so that the tall players have enough space. The team bus offers 44 seats, including dos-á-dos tables in the front area for meetings before and after the game. A special feature are the glass canopies and large windows, which create an open and friendly atmosphere. What can't be missing, of course, is the large albatross that adorns the outside of the team bus.

FC Porto

The Portuguese soccer club received its NEOPLAN Skyliner just in time for the first match of the 2017/ 2018 season. The club welcomed its new team bus in front of thousands of cheering fans. Equipped with an extensive kitchen in the lower deck and comfortable individual seats in the upper deck, the Skyliner leaves nothing to be desired by the players. The hi-fi equipment and multimedia system provide the necessary entertainment during the journey.

Neoplan Skyliner as FC Porto team bus
A Neoplan Cityliner as team bus of Munich TSV

TSV 1860 Munich

For more than six years, the Lions of TSV 1860 Munich have been traveling to their games in their elegant black Cityliner from MAN. Incidentally, at the time, the footballers' fans were allowed to decide for themselves what name the team bus should bear. Employees from the MAN plant in Munich initially sent the players over 300 suggestions, from which the team shortlisted five. The winner was finally chosen from these five via a Facebook vote: according to the majority of fans, the bus was finally allowed to be called "Route 1860".

VfL Wolfsburg

The Wolves from VfL Wolfsburg have been on the road with the MAN Lion's Coach L since September 2019. The battle message "Always hungry" printed on the outside lets opposing teams know immediately who they're dealing with. The team bus has 34 seats, some of which have adjustable footrests and backrests, and an exclusive kitchen for the soccer players. When boarding, the club logo is projected onto the exterior areas in front of the doors using LED technology - that's where team spirit comes in!

MAN Lion's Coach L as VFL Wolfsburg team bus
A MAN team bus of RB Leipzig stands in front of the Leipzig Opera House

RB Leipzig

On March 15, the red bulls of RB Leipzig welcomed their new team member: a brand-new MAN Lion's Coach L, which will accompany the footballers at their away games in the future. The players can make themselves comfortable on 33 seats with adjustable footrests and backrests. The extensive multimedia equipment with four 19-inch monitors and one 22-inch monitor ensures that there is no chance of boredom during the journey. The bus is also a real eye-catcher from the outside: the club logo and the lettering "Leipzig fährt MAN" (Leipzig drives MAN) decorate the front and back of the new companion in large letters.

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