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Ein MAN TGM-Krankipper vom Typ 18.320 4x4 fährt durch eine Baugrube

This truck belongs on every construction site


Whether dumper trucks, cement mixers or specialised building vehicles, MAN offers competent solutions for any need – be it for smaller tasks or major challenges.

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Full performance Our well-known high fabrication expertise in vehicle technology is why the construction lion from Munich is so well accepted.

Enjoying a special reputation throughout the construction industry, the MAN brand and its heavy-duty wheelers from Munich have always been regarded as highly durable and powerful. As an added benefit to the qualities expected by the customer, the trucks consume relatively little fuel, offer remarkable comforts to the driver and don’t get stuck in rough terrain. The lion-branded vehicles from Bavaria’s capital are popular in the construction industry due to MAN’s established automotive engineering competence in this sector. Numerous innovative details support this level of expertise, such as the curve brake. While steering, the electronic system brakes the wheels of the powered tandem axles that are on the inside of the turn. The three-axle or four-axle trucks take the curve with ease, with reduced tear on the tyres and less impact on the surface – a singular MAN feature. Other details may also be justifiably claimed as unique selling points.

Not a ready-made model

Generally, MAN offers its construction customers four truck programmes and a wide variety of traction options – ranging from the 4x2 tractor-trailer to the 8x8 off-roader. Besides, there are also some very specialised vehicle types, customised for particular assignments and challenging topography. Considered tailored production solutions by MAN, they are available with a comprehensive manufacturer’s guarantee. The numbers following the familiar numericals for the MAN TGS 28.500 6x4-4 already indicate that this is more than a regular model. With powered front and middle axles and hydraulic steering on the trailing axle, the relatively short TGS three-axle vehicle can cope with almost any kind of terrain.

Fitted with its loader crane from Fassi, the vehicle can mount heavy loads, transported either on a Ressenig dumping body or on a trailer. Incidentally, it manages to elegantly manoeuvre heavy low-bed trailers into tricky corners. With its 500 hp, plus off-road TipMatic TX gearbox, it showcases great performance even on alpine construction sites.

Complimentary to the TGL, TGM, TGS and TGX trucks, the smaller-sized TGE completes the construction vehicle assortment at the lower end of the weight spectrum and represents the MAN name among light commercial vehicles. With its robust backbone, ultramodern drive and professional double cabin, the agile TGE platform chassis appears an almost mandatory candidate for any vehicle fleet. Supplying construction sites with much vigour, the spacious six-seater may also serve as an accommodating retreat for breaks. Professional services are provided by the MAN organisation, which truly makes all the difference in daily operations. Customers can therefore rely on MAN for all their construction vehicle needs, ranging from three to 40 tonnes total weight, and even beyond.

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Ever ready MAN serves construction customers with four truck ranges and a wide variety of traction versions – from our 4x2 tractor unit up to 8x8 utility vehicles.


This is the core message of MAN engineers, when describing their primary development target for these industry vehicles. And yet not without focusing on the drivers. The era of rough and tough guys in the construction industry has passed and MAN experts are much in favour of more comfort for construction workers. This approach is easier on drivers and keeps them fit for longer, thus making a practical contribution to better road safety.

So how about construction air suspension? It provides adequate cushioning even on empty runs and does not bounce over potholes. At the same time, the improved vibration characteristics also reduce driving noise. The driving level remains the same, whether the vehicle is partially or fully loaded. The air-sprung TGS and TGX trucks demonstrate exceptionally safe driving qualities, with traction power also boosted by sensitive suspension response. Any doubts about everyday suitability should be largely defused, as 300 millimetres ground clearance below the outer planetary axles is quite sufficient in off-road conditions. Neither the stabilisers nor the coupling rods will be damaged by ground contact.

When focusing on driving comfort, the drivers’ cabs immediately spring to mind. As series standard, the heavy TGS vehicles come equipped with the compact M cabs. An excellent choice: the step up is low, and in daily operations, each centimetre matters. This medium-length driver’s cab could almost be described as a driver’s “house” and offers plenty of room for movement. Due to the low engine tunnel, switching from the driver’s seat to the passenger’s side is not much of a climb. The cab length of 1,880 millimetres leaves sufficient stowage space behind the seats, whether for boots, helmets or tools. Covering long distances, however, requires a bunk, an independent heating system – in fact, the entire long-haul package that MAN customers can expect and count on. One option would be the longer L version, which comes with an LX high roof and even a wider XLX driver’s cab, offering outstanding comfort for long-distance driving.

No matter the angle, it's hitting right on target.

Johann Schuster
MAN Body Builder Management

Ein roter MAN-Lkw fährt durch eine Baugrube
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Versatile vehicle The compact MAN TGM crane tipper type 18.320 4x4 is very lively.


MAN relies on the strapping D38 six-cylinder engine. With 15.2 litres of cubic capacity, it can generate up to 640 hp and 3,000 newton metres of torque, while still keeping fuel consumption to a minimum. In the TGX 33.580, MAN’s large diesel engine powers a 6x4 three-axle dumper, which of course easily copes with the maximum 40-tonne gross vehicle weight permitted on regular roads. Even when it comes to hauling a heavy construction machine on a low loader, this one is the right choice, for it can pull 70 tonnes without a hitch. In such situations, high engine performance is certainly not an exaggerated luxury.

“No matter the angle, it’s hitting right on target,” says Johann Schuster, when asked about engine performance. The heavy-duty construction vehicles are equipped with consistently high-torque six-cylinder engines, and the engineer from MAN’s Body Builder Management department also explains why MAN today relies on more-powerful diesel engines. In most cases, 420, 460 or 500 hp are sufficient, the D26 six-cylinder engines apply their maximum torque to the crankshaft at just over idling speed. Thus, low to moderate speeds are already sufficient for high driving performance. The high torque, combined with low revolutions, also offers a perceptible benefit in work machines.

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Well cushioned The construction air suspension even provides adequate cushioning during unladen journeys and doesn't bounce over potholes. 

Ace on all terrains

Sporting less torque power, yet still very sprightly, is the compact MAN TGM crane dumper truck, type 18.320 4x4. An ace in offroad terrain, and when equipped with a Hyva crane and Meiller dumper body, it becomes perfectly suitable for garden design and landscaping operations. The new D08 six-cylinder engine starts up powerfully, and the automated TipMatic gears, with off-road transmission optimisation, also skilfully assist in unpaved terrain. Here, only the mighty 8x8 four-axle vehicle may claim right of way. With four powered axles, the MAN TGS 41.460 8x8 forges its path even when carrying a full dumper body. While perhaps too heavy for road transport, it can easily manage 25 tonnes in massive earthmoving operations and handles an additional 10 tonnes in alternative chassis configurations. After a start-up attempt on a 20% incline, the question about enhanced engine performance should probably be rephrased: 460 hp are fully sufficient to get the load moving without too much effort.

The MAN TGS 26.500 6x4H-4 heavy rolloff tipper appears somewhat less talented in scaling terrain inclines. This is hardly surprising, considering that the heavy three-axle vehicle with the latest Meiller roll-off technology is predominantly used on regular roads. With 500 hp and a long L-type driver’s cab, it is suitable for longer distances. In routine construction site operations, it handles heavy bulk tipper containers for demolition, which are then emptied on landfills – proving an allround talent in construction logistics. And if the subsoil is deep and slippery, the 6x2 chassis becomes a 6x4, with two powerdriven axles. The magic word here is MAN HydroDrive. The optionally activated hydrostatic front-wheel drive literally pulls the vehicle out of the muck. The system can now also be combined with the new 12-gear TipMatic TX. With HydroDrive on the front axle and a steered trailing axle, this MAN creation excels with a high payload – meeting any challenge, no matter how hard. In construction operations, that is the prowess needed.

Photos   Bernhard Huber

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