MAN Truck & Bus

MAN Truck & Bus

MAN Moments

Decisive moments in the history of MAN


The F8 truck was presented at the IAA in 1951 and became the motor for the economic miracle. Even a film featured the most powerful vehicle of its time.


Ahead of its time: even in 1971 MAN was testing automated driving – but without digital technology. These early experiments laid the foundations for platooning and automated transportation today.


Athletes at the 1972 Olympic Games were transported in environmentally friendly natural gas buses provided by MAN. At that time, alternative drive systems were a sensation. Today they are an integral part of MAN's mobility services.


MAN introduced a number of truck models from Büssing into its portfolio in the 1970s under the name MAN-Büssing. The 16 U was distinguished by a special feature in truck building: an underfloor engine.


MAN introduced the anti-lock braking system into series production at the beginning of the 1980s. This safety feature remains highly effective today.


The MAN F90 series stood for leading-edge technology in heavy trucks until the mid-1990s. It set new standards in terms of efficiency, environmental friendliness and comfort.