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Ein MAN-Kipper der Baureihe F90 von der Seite (um 1986)Ein MAN-Fahrzeug der Baureihe F90 von der Seite (um 1986)

Free ride for the F90


From 1986, the MAN F90 series stood for leading-edge technology in heavy trucks. It set new standards in terms of efficiency, environmental friendliness and comfort.

Ein MAN-Fahrzeug der Baureihe F90 von vorne auf einer Straße um 1986
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Efficient transport The F90 convinced transport companies with its low operating costs thanks to the slanted windscreen and new roof spoiler for better aerodynamics.

State-of-the-art engine technology, a finely tuned drive train, significantly reduced fuel consumption, improved exhaust gas and noise levels: trucks in the F90 series ranked first in terms of performance, efficiency and environmental friendliness. These heavy trucks paid off for entrepreneurs given their low operating costs over their entire service life.

The F90 was launched in 1986 as a forward-control vehicle of 18 to 48 tons. The truck was available with a local transport cab, long-distance cab and large-capacity cab to suit various applications. The engines used were 5-cylinder, 6-cylinder and 10-cylinder diesel engines with exhaust gas turbocharging and intercooling. They covered an output range between 270 and 500 HP. The wide spectrum of models from two to four axle vehicles took into account the changing needs of the transport business.

Even then, MAN offered its customers not merely vehicles, but comprehensive transport solutions. In 1990 the portfolio of products and services around the F90 included MAN system consulting, MAN driving and economy training and further customer services. The network of MAN dealers and service stations in Europe was therefore consistently expanded. So the F90 represented a successful era in the transport business.

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Modern driver's workplace The cab of the F90 was tiltable and combined living with working space. 


Living and sleeping comfort The F90's long-distance and large-capacity cabs were fitted as standard with carpeted floors, an all-round curtain and two beds each measuring 60 by 190 centimetres.

Greater safety All F90 vehicles could on request be equipped with an anti-lock braking system (ABS) and additionally with a traction control system (TCS).