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RB Leipzig won the DFB Cup – and duly celebrated the title with a trip through the crowds. Check out how well the MAN party truck matched their strip.

Let’s go! The truck arrives at the MAN branch in Leipzig. Measuring 12.5 metres long and 2.8 metres wide, its platform has space for around 30 people. The inner circle of players and their team would parade through the crowd on board the truck after their victory. Before then though, there is plenty of work to be done: RB Leipzig is not the first team to benefit from the MAN giant, as the old wrap shows.

The graphic designers have done a good job – a member of staff from the wrapping company takes a look at the branding on the MAN truck. It takes about 60 m2 of wrap film to cover this beast. The RB Leipzig logos are printed on huge printers onto nine separate sheets, laminated, cut and then applied.  

Good preparation is half the job! Before a new wrap can be applied, the old film must be removed. Depending on how well it is stuck, this can be the most time-consuming task. Luckily, it all went smoothly: the truck is stripped bare in just two hours and ready for Leipzig’s bulls. 

Driver Andreas Buchholz at the wheel of the truck.

It’s an incredible feeling to be driving this truck, carrying the players through the crowds. It’s a truly unique experience that I’ll never forget.

Andreas Buchholz
Workshop Manager and Truck Driver

Three people, a day and a half’s painstaking work – and the truck is dressed in its RB Leipzig outfit. The body is all flat surfaces and no curves, which makes the application much easier. And because the winning team is entitled to show off a little after such a superb sporting performance, the trophy is emblazoned boldly across the side. It’s enough to give you goosebumps! 

Get that cabrio feeling! The truck has a platform 1.2 metres above the ground. Above that is a roof structure, 4.1 metres high. Its frame consists of around 80 pieces, which were delivered disassembled on a low-loader. We’re not sure if it came with assembly instructions, but after six hours of work, two people had it all put together, with nuts and bolts fastened tightly. The structure needs to hold up – there’s going to be a wild party after that win! 

Operations Manager Matthias Dumler smiles at the camera.

We are proud to have handled the conversion of the MAN Korso truck in our service branch. Working on this vehicle was a very special opportunity for our colleagues and we are looking forward to seeing the truck in action on the streets of Leipzig. Many thanks to the whole team!

Matthias Dumler
MAN Service Branch Operations Manager Leipzig

Final touches. A canopy is fitted to the roof structure. This has several purposes: it provides protection from rain and sun, but also offers a barrier above. The centre of Leipzig has many overhead cables for the trams running along the streets, and a player who might climb on the roof structure while celebrating could accidentally touch them. The team prefers to play it safe. 

We’ve got the power! A diesel generator provides power for the party truck. 10 kilowatts for refrigerators, sound system and broadcasting equipment, connected to the Red Bull Event Car via the truck. It will be carrying a DJ to get the crowd going – alongside the team, of course. 

A portrait of Magnus Weiand, who is looking friendly into the camera.

Congratulations to RB Leipzig! As a sponsor, we are thrilled to be able to celebrate this first title with RB Leipzig. Our team buses are their constant companions at all their games. There are few sponsors who can claim to be as close to the action as MAN. That’s why it makes sense for RB Leipzig to celebrate with the fans on our MAN Korso truck.

Magnus Weiand
Referent Sponsoring & Event MAN

We are the chaaaaampions! The players can grab the mic at any time and talk – or sing – to their fans over the loudspeakers. The technology has been painstakingly installed and tested. In any case, the vehicle is a special edition from MAN and, just like a challenge cup, offers a little something for the well-deserved winning team. As a custom vehicle, it does not have a regular road permit and the body has to be approved by TÜV before it can go to the fan festival.  

Attention to detail: the stunning alloy rims are sure to find their own fans. What you can’t see from outside is that the truck is equipped with a toilet. And to make sure that no-one is left high and dry afterwards...  

...there is plenty of beer and Red Bull on board. After all, it’s important to stay hydrated! The last of the three refrigerators is hauled aboard to complete the fitting out of the truck. It is set to roll through the crowds at a whopping 6 km/h, in first gear. That’s going to take a lot of precision and patience from the driver – especially with a bellowing and dancing mob on the roof and to both sides of the vehicle. It will definitely be exhausting, but also a fantastic feeling.

Text   Julia Fiedler
Photos   Felix Adler, IMAGO/Ana Moruja


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