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Holger Koos, Leiter Fahrzeugdesign bei MAN, und Rudolf Kupitza, Leiter Design Truck bei MAN, vor einer Projektion

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Perfectly formed and functional like never before: the new TG features a dynamic exterior design with highlights like LED headlights and the new radiator grille. Holger Koos and Rudolf Kupitza have developed a design for the truck that combines progress and tradition. So a true MAN.

Ein Designer skizziert ein MAN-Fahrzeug auf seinem Tablet
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Inspiration The MAN designers like to manually capture their initial ideas on a tablet. This generates very dynamic designs.  

Golden topaz, phantom blue and anthracite grey: these three colours were used for the new series for its market launch. The MAN designers are sending out clear messages with the choice of colours: "The gold paintwork stands for value and tradition. It signals that the truck can withstand the highest demands regarding reliability and value retention," explains Holger Koos, head of vehicle design at MAN. The blue paintwork also evokes positive associations, symbolising sustainability and future viability. The designer is thinking in particular about the future range of alternative drives for MAN trucks. The message of anthracite grey, in turn, is obvious: grey like a rock, durable and indestructible. This colour signature is especially intended for the new TGS as a construction site vehicle in heavy terrain.

Value retention is not only reflected in the colour selection for product launch – it is a guiding principle that shapes the entire design of this new vehicle generation. "Our customers want the new truck to be immediately recognisable as a MAN," says Rudolf Kupitza, head of truck design.

The design team has therefore taken a cautious approach to the truck’s exterior design. The predecessor generation should not appear outdated compared to the successor. So the new TG is externally geared toward family similarity with the existing vehicle portfolio. The new truck’s designers are nevertheless clearly showing indications of progress and the future. "We have further developed the strengths of the MAN truck through its design. The new vehicle arouses more emotions, yet at the same time it has improved functionality," says Kupitza.

The redesigned front end of the new truck generation creates an intense emotional expression. "We have elaborated even more of the lion’s face on the MAN truck," states Kupitza. Beneath the striking chrome moulding with the lion logo, the black radiator grille forms the lion’s mouth. This creates an even more powerful appearance, since the black trim continues to the bumper area. "The dynamically shaped structure of the bumper simultaneously reminds us of a feline predator that is ready to pounce," says chief designer Holger Koos, describing the vehicle’s appearance. "Viewers may not be aware of these features, but they feel the impression of animalistic force and dynamism in the new TG." The new LED headlights help make the new truck the lion king. Their curved shape suggests the fierce eyes of the predator. "Although we have taken care not to make the truck too aggressive," says designer Rudolf Kupitza. "A MAN truck is a sympathetic road user."


The increased design dynamics continue on the side of the cab. The projections behind the side window, internally referred to as "aerodomes" , have now been more obviously presented as a visual brand element for the MAN truck family. Their number has been reduced from five to three to make the lines more prominent. The contour has become sharper. Sharp like the claws of a lion.

The side windows, wind deflectors, door handles and door handle beading were also given dynamism in their design. The expression of muscular agility in design is not merely an optical plaything. The vehicle has in fact gained in terms of aerodynamics. This has a positive effect on fuel consumption.

Form should always support functionality. Design offers added value for the user. These are the thoughts that guide MAN designers. This applies to the whole vehicle as well as to details on the new TG. The door mirrors, for example. The shape and position of the mirrors has been slightly changed, with the positive effect that the driver now has a wider field of view. The door entry has been moved to the rear and thus improved in terms of ergonomics.

The designers have also expended a lot of loving work on the lateral indicator units: these are chrome-plated and have the MAN logo on them. "Such subtleties emphasise the high quality of the vehicle and generate emotions," says Rudolf Kupitza. The MAN designers’ conclusion: the new TG looks modern, but not over-styled. It embodies precision, quality, value retention and reliability. These are strengths that are significant in the transport business.

Text   Felix Enzian
Photos   Robert Rieger

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