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Der neue MAN-Truck wird dem Expertenbeirat präsentiert

What customers are saying about the new truck


A great moment: 14 transport operators were involved in development of the new truck generation. As experts from the field, they supported MAN with advice and criticism. Now they are experiencing the completed vehicle for the first time. Their verdict is unanimous: very good work.

The partition rises, the hall light goes on. Excited, the entrepreneurs rush to three versions of the new truck. They can see and touch the truck they helped develop for the first time. The redesigned driver's compartment arouses the greatest curiosity. The experts climb into the cab with ease. Freight forwarder Kai Bode makes himself comfortable in the driver's seat and describes his first impression: "The seating position has been greatly improved, and getting into the cab is especially easy. Obstacles between the seats have also been removed. I'm very impressed." Alfred Ulbrich, operations manager at Pabst Transport GmbH & Co. KG, tests functions in the new cockpit from the passenger seat. "MAN has fulfilled one of my major wishes with the new stationary air conditioning unit, because its construction has freed up the left storage compartment," he says in a satisfied manner. Wishes and constructive feedback – these are the tasks of the truck expert advisory board at MAN. This board has been meeting in fixed composition since 2018. All members are active in the transport sector, especially in long-distance transport. Some have accompanied development of the new truck since the early concept phase in 2014.

Customer first

"We at MAN find it extremely important to develop products and services jointly with our customers. This enables us to precisely meet market needs," says Dr Steven Schuh, Head of Customer Insights at MAN. Intensive dialogue with users is common practice at MAN, in vehicle development as well as in sales and customer service.

Spediteur Hanspeter Felix betrachtet den neuen Truck
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Great suspense Forwarder Hanspeter Felix curiously circles the truck.

4 rounds of feedback

"We obtain the opinions of customers, with whom we often maintain long-term, trusting relationships," says Schuh. They come from both large and small companies, so the entire spectrum of the transport industry is represented. "The work of the expert advisory board ultimately benefits all customers," emphasises MAN's market researcher. The meetings of the expert advisory board with experts from MAN follow a streamlined work programme, in which truck applications are discussed in many details. Customers don't mince matters – they speak out clearly when they see potential for product improvements. This process is now paying off for the new truck. Freight forwarder Johannes Dettendorfer junior celebrates: "The resulting truck is absolutely convincing overall."

Text   Felix Enzian
Photos   MAN/Marco Reufzaat

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